Digital transformation for a leading European multinational banking corporation | HCLTech
Digital Transformation for a Leading European Multinational Banking Corporation

In collaboration with a leading European multinational banking and financial services corporation, we successfully implemented a centralized KYC solution, driving digital transformation across 40+ countries. Our solution leveraged HCLTech engineering culture and cutting-edge technology to develop a bank-wide global KYC platform. By integrating the One-Pega Platform and implementing a Global Data Lake, we achieved streamlined processes and advanced analytics for better customer understanding. The solution also encompassed fraud management, compliance processes and channel transformation.

As you can read in the case study, the impact of our solution was remarkable, resulting in enhanced platform efficiency, improved customer experience, proactive fraud detection and risk mitigation. The bank experienced significant reductions in operational overhead efforts, stronger governance and increased agility to respond to evolving business demands. This successful digital transformation positioned the bank as an industry pioneer, ready to innovate and deliver new services and business models.

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