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Digital workbench transformation for a financial services provider

HCLTech orchestrated solutions and amplified impact in sales empowerment
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5 min read

Our client is a major Asian financial service provider. They reached HCLTech with an aim to transform sales agent productivity. We embarked on the digital workbench initiative with a focus on integrating seamlessly with underwriting (UW) systems, optimizing data visualization and introducing a mobile app for on-the-go customer interactions. A multifaceted approach was taken to address challenges and meet objectives, including lead management, performance enhancement, robust customer servicing and sophisticated reporting. HCLTech led the charge by implementing a comprehensive solution on the Pega platform, leveraging Cosmos themes and the Sale Automation Framework. The tangible impact was felt across the board, with heightened productivity, a holistic customer view, advanced reporting capabilities and heightened engagement.

The Challenge

Strategically navigating through complex terrains

Navigating through intricate agent workflows, achieving seamless integration with existing UW systems and creating a unified interface demanded strategic thinking. The initiative grappled with the need for streamlined lead management, real-time performance monitoring and ensuring a responsive mobile solution with access to critical data.

The challenges

The Objective

Charting the course for digital transformation

The overarching objectives encompassed fortifying digital capabilities, empowering agents through a feature-rich mobile app, refining lead management processes, optimizing performance monitoring and fortifying customer servicing with seamless reporting tools.

Digital workbench transformation for a financial services provider

The Solution

Crafting solutions with Pega platform mastery

Our strategic solution hinged on the Pega platform, incorporating Cosmos themes and the Sales Automation Framework. This approach not only streamlined lead management processes but also provided a dynamic 360-degree customer view and facilitated real-time data integration across systems. The flexibility and swiftness of deployment were underscored by leveraging Pega's low-code platform.


The Impact

Productivity surge and enriching customer journeys

The far-reaching impact of the initiative was evidenced by a marked improvement in productivity for over 6,000 agency users, establishing a unified and comprehensive customer and policy view.

  • Reporting and analytics capabilities reached new heights
  • Engagement saw a substantial boost through timely notifications and the recruitment process was streamlined with remarkable efficiency
  • The solution fostered real-time communication and collaboration, aligning seamlessly with the broader business objectives of the client
The Impact

The digital workbench initiative not only successfully navigated challenges but also surpassed objectives, delivering substantial and lasting value. This case serves as a testament to HCLTech's prowess in executing large-scale digital transformations with precision and strategic foresight.