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Digitally transforming the end-to-end supply chain for a furniture retailer

HCLTech optimized supply chain management for a leading Dutch furniture retailer
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Our client is a prominent Dutch-headquartered furniture retailer, boasting over 400 stores across 64 countries. Renowned as a market leader in the retail segment, this multinational conglomerate specializes in ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home accessories and various other goods and home services. Since 2007, HCLTech has served as their strategic systems integration (SI) partner, embarking on a transformative journey spanning over 17 years.

The Challenge

Digitizing the supply chain landscape

As our client experienced surging sales and expanded their global customer base, the need for digital transformation across their end-to-end supply chain became evident. The challenge lay in modernizing the complex application landscape, transitioning from legacy platforms to a streamlined, cloud-based ecosystem to support their ambitious growth aspirations. Specifically, they sought:

  • A comprehensive business capability roadmap to enhance supply chain planning
  • Implementation of a unified application for capacity and allocation management
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility and reduced overall supply chain costs through data analysis from multiple sources
The challenges

The Objective

Revolutionizing supply chain infrastructure for exponential growth

The primary objective was to revamp the supply chain infrastructure to support exponential growth across retail channels. This entailed:

  • Simplifying and modernizing the application landscape
  • Standardizing processes for capacity and allocation management
  • Enhancing supply chain visibility through data-driven insights
Digitally transforming the end-to-end supply chain for a furniture retailer

The Solution

Initiatives to drive efficiency and transformation

HCLTech commenced the project under client-controlled milestone-based governance, gradually assuming full project ownership. Leveraging out-of-the-box functionalities, the team expedited requirements gathering and re-engineered batch processing for faster completion. Key solutions included:

  • Implementation and upgrade of
  • Deployment of BY Luminate Demand Edge for real-time demand sensing and improved forecast accuracy
  • Integration of BY Enterprise Supply Planning (ESP) to address global replenishment challenges and facilitate multi-store collaboration
  • Implementation of BY Luminate Control Tower (LCT) to enhance supply chain visibility and orchestrate responses to disruptions
  • Development of Microsoft Power BI dashboards for generating actionable business insights
  • Deployment of inhouse tools and accelerators for faster implementation, integration and validation

The Impact

Unlocking supply chain potential with Blue Yonder

The implementation of BY Demand applications significantly enhanced forecast accuracy, providing the client with a competitive edge. Consolidating global replenishment into a single capacity plan led to notable reductions in supply chain costs. The introduction of LCT improved end-to-end supply chain visibility, resulting in increased stock availability and significant cost savings through customized distribution flows. Leveraging inhouse tools and accelerators expedited business outcomes and facilitated a smoother transition experience. End-user trainings and application managed services contributed to substantial improvements in SLA compliance over the years.

Our client achieved a remarkable transformation of their supply chain, paving the way for sustained growth and operational excellence.

The Impact