Driving best-in-class customer experience for a European electric utility company | HCLTech

Driving best-in-class customer experience for a European electric utility company

HCLTech leveraged Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver a boost in sales, including a 150% increase in leads
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The client is Europe's largest operator of energy networks and energy infrastructure and one of the world's largest electric utility service providers. They sought digital transformation opportunities to expand their customer base and improve customer satisfaction through enhanced experience. They chose HCLTech as their transformation partner because of our extensive experience in providing scalable, fully integrated digital solutions that deliver next-level results.

The Challenge

Their outdated platform was an obstruction in the path of growth

Our client faced multiple challenges onboarding customers on their B2C platform due to poor website health. They planned to onboard 30 million customers by 2020, so they needed more traction, clicks and business through the website. Poor website performance significantly affected lead generation and sales. They could not offer customers highly customized and need-based plans and were seeking smooth release management for the platform.


The Objective

Improve Net Promoter Score through exceptional customer experience

Our client wanted to achieve an agile and DevOps transformation, incorporating these methodologies' key principles to facilitate rapid delivery, continuous enhancement, frequent value delivery and increased customer satisfaction. Other objectives included

  • Improve customer satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Digitize the customer journey for B2C German utility consumers
  • Add new features to enhance the customer experience
  • Reduce operational costs by 40% through improved operations
  • Establish a clear benefits-oriented proposition story for all customers

The Solution

Operating model transformation for accelerating business growth

They needed an efficient and new operating model to adapt to changing business needs. HCLTech challenged the legacy operating model with continuous improvement. We transitioned from a traditional waterfall-based delivery to a SAFe-based agile delivery model and a platform-as-a product approach was used in building the platform.

  • Developed the 'Digital Attacker' digital engagement platform with a composable architecture
  • Designed IT delivery function based on product management principles
  • Created a reusable digital foundation library for future product launches
  • Achieved consistent and excellent user experiences on various platforms (web, mobile, tablet) for an effective omnichannel presence
  • Updated front-end design and development to increase lead generation and conversions for the German B2B site
  • Enabled the capture of consumer behaviors and insights for delivering customized plans to customers

The Impact

Remarkable boost in online sales and enhanced customer experience

The partnership with Adobe accelerated progress by combining technology and expertise

  • Improved website on Adobe resulted in a 25 30% increase in solar panel leads for the client
  • Experienced a 150% increase in leads and a 10% increase in conversions in the bakery and restaurant market segment
  • Achieved a significant 2X increase in response through social referrals and campaigns
  • An improved website led to a 40% cost reduction due to reduced physical visits
  • Reduced go-live time for components from 5 months to just 2 weeks