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Enabling high-speed blockchain transactions for an innovative software house

HCLTech helped an innovative software house transform business operations by driving down energy consumption with next-gen technology
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5 min read

Established in 2019, our client is an innovative software house specializing in Fintech, blockchain and AI. Positioned as a leading blockchain technology startup headquartered in Sweden, they provide scalable and highly secure solutions, facilitating lightning-fast blockchain transactions for seamless digitization of business processes.

The Challenge

Running high-IO applications in cloud

Our client aimed to run a modern, high-input/output (I/O) application on a cost-effective multicloud container platform, achieving high-speed blockchain transactions while prioritizing sustainability and green practices. Additional challenges included elevating security with Hyperledger implementation and monetizing blockchain solutions through APIs.


The Objective

Increase security and monetize solutions

In pursuit of implementing a comprehensive blockchain optimization strategy, our client articulated five pivotal objectives:

  • Increase security profile and enable a hyperledger in a highly reliable and secure environment Monetize blockchain
  • Monetize blockchain solutions through APIs
  • Achieve high throughput, low latency and stringent enterprise security
  • Enhance sustainability by adopting green practices and reducing carbon footprint
  • Run a modern application with high I/O requirements on a multicloud container platform

The Solution

A container platform run on the mainframe

To address our customer’s performance and security requirements, HCLTech recommended the mainframe as the underlying infrastructure to run a container platform for applications with high-performance needs.

  • HCLTech successfully delivered a high-standard solution using blockchain software on an OpenShift containerized environment
  • The solution operated on high-end IBM mainframe architecture, utilizing identical setups with z/VM systems running RedHat Linux servers
  • Hyperledger and blockchain software were installed on the RedHat OpenShift cluster environment
  • Our client was able to install their innovative code that utilizes blockchain via an API gateway
  • We enabled our client to provide its customers blockchain and AI-as-a-service for ease of use, scalability and security

The Impact

A reduction in energy consumption

The benefits included a substantial decrease in energy consumption per server, averaging 26 watts.

  • Delivered the most secure and reliable setup by utilizing banking-grade security within IBM Mainframe architecture
  • The blockchain solution has peeked at about 1,000 transactions per second compared with market standards of 10-20 seconds per transaction
  • Enabled the best transaction throughput and settlement in the IBM Mainframe infrastructure
  • The project focuses on reducing energy consumption for nodes, storage disks and cooling CPUs for 300-350 Linux on Z servers hosted on two IBM Mainframe machines
  • Total power consumption measured approximately 8,000 W 300 fully redundant Linux servers, utilizing 26 W per server, with water cooling proving ten times more effective