Enabling 1.5B+ shipments annually for a Germany-based logistics giant | HCLTech

Enabling 1.5B+ shipments annually for a Germany-based logistics giant

HCLTech delivered a streamlined supply chain through automation and digital transformation for the world's leading logistics company
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Our client is the world's leading logistics company, with an extensive network spanning over 220 countries and territories and employing 380,000 dedicated individuals. They tirelessly strive to facilitate cross-border trade, expand into new markets and enhance business growth. With a staggering delivery volume of nearly 1.8B parcels annually, their operations are vital in connecting businesses and consumers worldwide.

The Challenge

Addressing challenges with digital transformation

As our client experienced exponential growth and expanded their global footprint, they recognized the imperative need for digital transformation and automation across their vast supply chain network. Key challenges included:

  • Disparate warehouse management systems (WMS) across North America, EMEA and APAC, leading to fragmented operations
  • Legacy solutions hindering efficiency and scalability
  • Inadequate KPI management and manual warehouse processes
  • The necessity to streamline task execution through both human labor and robotics

The Objective

Standardizing WMS solutions and automating warehouse management

The primary objective was to standardize WMS solutions across all distribution centers, implement robust and automated warehouse management systems and optimize labor management processes. This entailed:

  • Integration and standardization of WMS solutions across regions
  • Automation of warehouse processes and adoption of robotics technology
  • Enhancing KPI management and streamlining task execution for improved efficiency
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The Solution

Implementation of comprehensive warehouse-related modules

Since 2010, HCLTech has been a strategic systems integration (SI) partner for our client, embarking on a transformative digital journey spanning 14+ years. With a dedicated team of over 135 resources, HCLTech provides comprehensive support for various warehouse-related modules. Key solutions included:

  • Implementation of Blue Yonder (BY) WMS, WLM, WCS and Robotic Hub modules
  • Data center implementation and migration from legacy systems to BY WMS
  • Development of site-specific enhancements, custom workflows and integrations
  • End-to-end validation services and certification for the latest BY versions
  • Infrastructure and application maintenance services, including ticket service desk support
  • Implementation of additional BY modules such as Warehouse Labor Management, Warehouse Control System and Robotics Hub

The Impact

Driving efficiency and scalability

The implementation of standardized and advanced automation with Robotics Hub delivered substantial business benefits:

  • Standardized WMS solutions across all distribution centers, leading to improved efficiency and scalability
  • 60% reduction in deployment times with global templates
  • Integration with third-party material handling systems for seamless operations
  • Leveraging business process automation to expedite deployments and enhancements
  • Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP) to reduce tickets and enhance KPI visibility
  • Managing an impressive 1.5B shipments annually, facilitating seamless logistics operations on a global scale

Our client has driven significant improvements in supply chain efficiency, automation and scalability, laying a robust foundation for future growth and innovation.