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Engineering the VR device from silicon to software

HCLTech accelerated the transition to the metaverse for a leading technology company
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5 min read

In this global race to establish a presence in the metaverse, the search for partners with exceptional engineering capabilities and expertise is in full swing. Eager to gain early dominance in this space, a client chose HCLTech for our deep engineering talent to help design a Virtual Reality (VR) device. Our team seamlessly engineered the entire device end to end, encompassing everything from silicon chips to software application. Through our efforts, we successfully delivered on both the critical parameters of quality and time.

The Challenge

Engineering and launching a customized VR device within short timelines

Our client approached us with the task of developing a VR concept and ensuring its market readiness in a short period of time. Given that, product engineering for VR devices forms the bedrock of the metaverse experience, sound technical knowledge was imperative. Quality was paramount and any compromise on time-to-market was not acceptable. With a high level of anticipation surrounding the metaverse, it was essential that the product had to be crafted with optimal user experience and engineered correctly the first time.


The Objective

HCLTech tapped for our deep engineering talent

HCLTech was asked to develop a VR concept and ensure its market readiness in a short period of time. Sound technical knowledge was required as product engineering for VR devices forms the bedrock of the metaverse experience. Quality was key and time to market couldn’t be compromised. With a high level of anticipation that surrounds the metaverse, the product had to be engineered for optimal user experience and engineered right the first time.


The Solution

Building the product from concept to reality

We facilitated our client in building the product across the entire value chain — from the chip to the board, from the operating system to the mechanical structure and from the research to its applications. The metaverse is a field that demands expertise and experience in every engineering layer. We diligently covered every aspect of the VR device, starting from the drawing board to the market. Additionally, we provided R&D services for Augmented Reality (AR) and VR chipsets along with their operating systems and automation. This encompassed not only structural design and analysis but also business intelligence and data engineering. Our state-of-the-art labs for VR engineering ensured quality and timeliness throughout the application development, play testing, performance management, voice assistance integration and product testing. With extensive experience working with the technologies driving the metaverse, our global team of engineers reinforced our knowledge through rigorous testing to successfully translate the VR concept to reality.


The Impact

Accelerated time-to-market with the assurance of quality

With our exceptional engineering team, the global technology company reaped the benefit of accelerated time-to-market ahead of the competition. By developing the VR device with the right talent, strategy, design, engineering and testing at each stage of the process, we provided the necessary guidance to the company to navigate confidently through the unchartered metaverse waters.