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Enhancing global supply chain management with Kinaxis Rapid Response

Leveraging the Demand Planning and Supply Planning modules of Kinaxis RR to improve decision-making and responsiveness for a British fast-moving consumer goods giant
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5 min read

Our client is a UK-based FMCG company that wanted to implement the Demand Planning and Supply Planning modules of the Kinaxis Rapid Response offering. Their goal was to enhance global supply chain management, improve decision-making processes and, and respond more quickly to disruptions. Through collaboration with HCLTech, they client successfully implemented the modules, resulting in improved forecast accuracy, streamlined processes and enhanced decision-making capabilities. The solution helped them to optimize supply chain management on a global scale.

The Challenge

Enhancing forecast accuracy and data assessment in demand planning

Our client faced several challenges that were inhibiting aggressive growth objectives.

  • To enhance forecast accuracy, they needed to develop and deliver complex solutions in demand planning.
  • To effectively assess live data in the Supply Chain Planning module of Kinaxis Rapid Response, they needed decision-making widgets and dashboards
  • To improve forecast maintenance, they needed the ability to disaggregate financial invoiced values and shipment invoiced values
  • They lacked efficiencies in manually uploading sales data in regions without accelerated sales systems.

The Objective

Implementing Kinaxis Rapid Response for enhanced global supply chain management

Our client sought to implement Kinaxis Rapid Response’s Demand Planning and Supply Planning-modules across their global organization, empowering them to quickly react to supply chain disruptions and improve their decision-making processes.

The Solution

Supporting Demand Planning and Supply Planning module implementation with comprehensive features

HCLTech collaborated with our client and the Kinaxis team to implement and provide ongoing support for the implementation of the Demand Planning and Supply Planning modules of the Rapid Response solution. We actively participated in Agile-based scrum meetings, taking full ownership of user stories from design to delivery, including developing solutions, performing unit testing and moving resources to QA environments. HCLTech also managed all integration requirements, data source mapping, data modeling, alert management and automation chains, conducting technical and business validations to ensure smooth migrations and operations in the production environment.

The Impact

Successful delivery of complex solutions and improved forecast accuracy

The implemented solutions had a significant impact on our client's operations. We successfully delivered complex solutions, enabling them to meet hypercare and go-live targets on time and within budget. They gained the capability to compare aggregated and disaggregated financial invoiced quantities across regions using their local currencies and desired units of measurement, resulting in statistical forecast accuracy improvements. Furthermore, we provided a seamless solution for manual sales data upload in regions without accelerated sales systems, simplifying the process.