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Enhancing platform qualification by leveraging automation

A cloud data management and data security company partners with HCLTech for greater data visibility and working efficiency
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Our client, a visionary in computer storage industry, specializes in Zero Trust Data Security, providing data management services like backup and recovery for enterprises running hybrid cloud environments. With the rise of ransomware and other corporate threats, there is an increase in the total market demand for offsite backup solutions. Our client partner offers software which can be run on-premises and in the cloud to protect and manage data.


Enterprises and cloud end customers




The Challenge

Certifying enterprise servers for market release

HCLTech needed to showcase agility to deliver a faster turnaround time for our client partner’s Cloud Data Management (CDM) platform. Platform qualification required performing sanity checks for patch releases and full regression for new releases. Our team at HCLTech set out on this journey with a thorough plan and committed to high-qualification targets. The latest version of the operating systems was required on multiple platforms and dataset generation was required to be automated. Some of the key test cases were required around manufacturing and network, node and cluster management.


The Objective

HCLTech partnered with our client as a strategic certification partner

HCLTech set out to be a strategic certification partner to our client for all hardware platforms with the outcome expected in accelerated certification, reduced time to market and continuous interoperability support provided for all new platform partner deployments.


The Solution

Comprehensive platform qualification through rigorous process of testing, validation data protection and automation

Qualification of customer’s included test plans to describe the full scope for each section along with mutually agreed qualification procedures to ensure compliance and data security. The priority of the configurations and the cadence for qualification was decided.

Regression qualification of hardware pipeline tests was undertaken, followed by montly and quarterly execution of the test across active release branches. Validation of both the client appliances and third-party server configurations was performed. The scope of the test execution included both manual and automation.


The Impact

Achieving industry standards and meeting expectations with maximum efficiency and cost savings

By following industry best practices and standards, we ensured the compliance of our client’s servers with the help of custom-built tools and repeated retesting of systems on their hardware and software. Using end-to-end system testing services that were geared toward maximum efficiency and cost saving for our valued client, we helped them build robust and reliable servers that were ready to enter the market.

We qualified and delivered 27 releases. Both PXE qualification and ISO qualification saw a reduced execution cycle with an increase in node count. Turnaround time has significantly reduced with improved product stability. We are validating more qualifications per month as compared to the previous half-year.

HCLTech has successfully unlocked higher efficiency and productivity in platform testing. This has enabled a faster market time for the customer, with fully automated PXE qualification and 85% automated ISO qualification. We have seen significant cost savings and increased productivity with reduced qualification time.