Food processing equipment manufacturer boosts corporate governance with HCLTech | HCLTech

Food processing equipment manufacturer boosts corporate governance with HCLTech

A global food processing equipment producer aimed to strengthen its corporate governance by enhancing its process transparency and reducing carbon emissions by 2030.
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5 min read

The Challenge

Growing compliance risks and legal consequences

Our client faced many challenges when their organization largely depended on traditional workflows, including:

  • Digitizing tedious, paper-based procedures quickly and seamlessly
  • Instituting a system for tracking actions and decisions to ensure accountability
  • Tackling intricate compliance issues and meeting stringent regulatory requirements
  • Averting potential legal issues and disputes

The Objective

Defining the scope for digital transformation initiatives

The client sought to modernize their outdated manual workflows to ensure compliance and avoid legal risks. Their objectives included:

  • Transitioning from paper-based to digital processes for efficiency and resource conservation
  • Establishing mechanisms for traceability and accountability in decision making
  • Streamlining compliance through process automation and workflow simplification
  • Reducing the instances of legal disputes via enhanced communication and thorough documentation

The Solution

Transforming paper-based processes for productivity

HCLTech's holistic digital solutions helped automate the client’s diverse business operations and improve its corporate governance. Here is a snapshot of the offerings they benefited from:

  • Leveraging blockchain for secure and transparent transactions
  • Implementing real-time alert systems for prompt stakeholder actions
  • Allocating contracts to designated stakeholders for enhanced accountability
  • Modernizing data flow to reduce manual intervention and increase efficiency
  • Providing access to historical data for improved food safety and quality assurance

The Impact

Accomplishing superior process transparency and regulatory conformity

HCLTech's Google Ecosystem Unit (GEU) aided the client by enhancing transparency and accountability in their decision-making processes and yielded the following impressive outcomes:

  • A 30% reduction in legal disputes and documentation discrepancies
  • A 20% rise in process transparency and visibility