GenAI-powered sentiment analyzer reduces manual effort by 70% | HCLTech

GenAI-powered sentiment analyzer reduces manual effort by 70%

HCLTech's GenAI solution transformed game review analysis for a leading tech giant
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4 min read


A global tech leader faced challenges in manually gathering and analyzing gaming reviews, leading to inefficiencies and errors. They approached HCLTech to automate sentiment analysis using . HCLTech's solution included automated data collection, sentiment analysis and 24/7 operation automation, resulting in a 70% reduction in manual efforts. The implementation improved accuracy, optimized resources, reduced turnaround time and refined program-wide complexity.

The Challenge

Multiple information sources increase manual efforts

The client, a global tech leader, faced significant hurdles in manually gathering and analyzing gaming reviews from multiple sources. This cumbersome process consumed valuable bandwidth and was prone to human errors, hindering efficiency and accuracy. They sought a solution to streamline operations, reduce manual effort and improve turnaround time.

The Objective

Automate the analysis process using the power of GenAI

HCLTech's mission was clear — to automate sentiment analysis of game reviews using GenAI technology, minimizing manual effort and maximizing accuracy. The goal was to create a seamless process for gathering, analyzing and reporting on reviews, enhancing efficiency and resource optimization.

Our Solution

Force of GenAI for improved process efficiency

Our expert team proposed an innovative solution leveraging GenAI to automate sentiment analysis. This GenAI-powered automation streamlined the entire process, from data collection to dashboard reporting. Key features of this implementation include:

  • Automated data collection
  • Sentiment analysis and reporting
  • 24/7 operation automation
  • Significant manual effort reduction
  • Improved accuracy

The Impact

Manual efforts are reduced by 70%

The solution facilitated automated data collection from relevant sources, automatic ticket logging and efficient report generation. Overall, HCLTech's solution achieved:

  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency with 24/7 operation automation
  • Resource optimization
  • Reduction in turnaround time
  • Refinement of program-wide complexity