Global Gaming Giant reduces operational costs by 25% | HCLTech

Global gaming giant reduces operational costs by 25%

Revolutionizing casino and hospitality with HCLTech's integrated services
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5 mins read


HCLTech revolutionized a casino and hospitality giant’s operations with our integrated services

Our client, a major American casino and resort company with operations in Singapore and Macao, sought a partner to address delivery challenges across all locations. Drawing on HCLTech's extensive gaming industry experience, our client chose HCLTech for a long-term systems enhancement project.

The Challenge

Managing time, cost and quality constraints

From the outset, our client updated HCLTech on the issues. Accelerating application development to launch products and features with speed was a challenging task. In addition, legacy systems and outdated processes racked up operating costs that had to be reduced by 25%. Despite the time and cost-related constraints, application quality had to be maintained to sustain the company's market position.


The Objective

Streamlining application development services

The primary goal was to ensure high-quality application development to enhance the capabilities and SLAs of all delivery centers, positively impact customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty. This has led to a steadfast increase in player registration through consistent mobile sign-up rates and an overall reduction in operation costs by 25%, leading to diminished downtime for every card changeover by 1 minute.

Global gaming giant reduces operational costs by 25%

The Solution

Holistic product-specific solutions

HCLTech provided several solutions for our client's challenges in managing delivery across their casino and resort locations. These include:

  • Card-tracking system enhancements: HCLTech increased the number of card decks supported by the system to enable quick and efficient card changeovers, reducing table downtime
  • Mobile sign-up: Implemented registration via mobile devices to reduce player registration wait time, incorporating e-signature capture and player photo and ID capture
  • MBS marketing kiosk: Developed a marketing kiosk for promotions and sweepstakes, giving players access to various marketing features at all casinos
  • Optii Keeper integration: Integrated the cloud-based housekeeping solution Optii Keeper with the hotel management system, allowing seamless communication in just 12 weeks
  • Migration to Opera LMS: Facilitated the migration of the lodging management system to the Java-based Opera LMS system, improving operational efficiency
  • Application transformation: Streamlined processes by introducing messaging services on casino tables, integrated reservation systems and commercial off-the-shelf products on casino floors
  • ACSC management system upgrade: Upgraded the ACSC management system in US and Singapore casinos, ensuring uninterrupted operations during system upgrades

Overall, HCLTech delivered over 800 enhancements, applications and quality assurance tasks to help our client achieve their long-term goals.

The Impact

Reduced operations costs by 25%

HCLTech's solutions have yielded significant results:

  • Reduced operations costs by 25%: The card-tracking system saved 1 minute of downtime for every card changeover, resulting in 20 hours saved per day and a cost reduction of $3.7 million annually
  • MBS marketing kiosk success: The kiosk facilitated over 70 promotions, saving $1.4 million by eliminating $20,000 per promotion launch
  • Increased player registration: Mobile sign-up improved player registration by 1% each year, enhancing the player experience
  • Improved patron loyalty: Across all properties, patron loyalty increased by an impressive 35%
  • Enhanced casino floor efficiency: The integration of Optii Keeper and migration to Opera LMS improved casino floor efficiency by 1,200 hours annually

With these outcomes, HCLTech's solutions have not only improved operations but also achieved substantial cost savings and increased customer satisfaction for our client.