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Global TV conglomerate streamlines content verification

In the recent past, increased bandwidth across networks has led to a boom in the amount of video content streamed by people across the globe. As the demand for content, especially through streaming platforms and OTT channels, increased, media conglomerates took it as an opportunity to spread their services to diverse geographies. With diverse geographic area where the content is being streamed, came along the challenge of diverse languages.

A US-based premium television network with a global presence, was looking to expand the reach of its content. For that, the client needed to boost their asset accuracy and reduce time to market and standardize their production and distribution platforms and processes. The client, known for ground-breaking series, documentaries and blockbuster movies, needed intelligent automation for its entire range of content delivery channels—web, mobile, desktop and OTT.

HCLTech used advanced analytics on data aggregated from production and distribution touchpoints. Download the case study to understand how HCLTech helped the client achieve:

  • Reduced content validation TAT
  • Manual effort reduced by 70%
  • 100% accuracy
  • 60% reduction in overall testing efforts

And much more….