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Helping a leading gas distributor in the UK migrate to cloud

Migrating to AWS cloud: Enhanced security and superior user experience
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5 mins read


The client is a prominent gas distributor in the UK, responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of gas pipelines, connecting homes across the country with renewable gas suppliers on a single network. The company employs over 4,000 people and serves more than 11 million customers. They aspired to migrate to cloud for enhanced security features and improved consumer experience.

The Challenge

Cloud migration and security enhancement

Our client faced several challenges, including:

  • Migrating all workloads to a public AWS cloud provider equipped with enhanced application access security features
  • Radically improving consumer experience by creating next-gen workplace services with robust security controls
  • Safeguarding the workloads migrating to the cloud while also enacting specialized cloud governance and compliance policies

The Objective

Smooth AWS migration and robust security protocols

The client turned to HCLTech with a goal to seamlessly migrate workloads to AWS, enhance application access security, revolutionize user experience through next-gen workplace services and safeguard cloud environments with robust governance and compliance policies.


The Solution

Comprehensive security and governance solutions

To overcome the client's obstacles, HCLTech implemented a series of comprehensive strategies, focusing on bolstering security measures and streamlining system management. Key solutions included the deployment of Cisco AMP and Symantec DLP solutions to secure endpoints effectively. To safeguard all client devices, we managed endpoint encryption meticulously and instituted robust support for any potential data recovery needs. As part of this integrated approach, we also implemented Microsoft Identity Manager, vastly improving user lifecycle control and management.

To further enhance the security framework, we capitalized on existing infrastructures, configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) features on their Azure Active Directory to simplify access management and improve user experience. To ensure full visibility of security events, we integrated in-scope devices to send logs directly to our client's Security Operations Center (SOC). Alongside this, we established secure and controlled privilege access, deploying the powerful CyberArk Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Lastly, we routinely carried out vulnerability scans of in-scope devices, offering further support by providing indispensable malware advice, thus enriching their SOC correlation efforts and overall system reliability.


The Impact

AWS Migration accomplished with uncompromised security

Our solutions significantly impacted the client's operations, including:

  • Improved identity and access management
  • Enhanced privileged access management
  • Data security-enabled PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and HSM (Hardware Security Module) management
  • Robust malware advisory and vulnerability assessment
  • Digital endpoint security-enabled DLP, encryption and AMP management

By successfully migrating workloads to the AWS cloud and implementing robust security and governance measures, we've helped our client elevate user experience, protect their digital assets and improve overall operations. These strategic changes have laid a solid foundation for their future growth and resilience in the competitive gas distribution sector.