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Fonterra and HCLTech: A trust-based symbiotic relationship that ‘just works’

The New Zealand-based dairy giant has partnered with HCLTech for almost 20 years
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The Client

From its roots as a local dairy cooperative, Fonterra has grown to become New Zealand's largest company with annual revenue exceeding NZ$22B. This cooperative is owned by nearly 9,000 local farmers and is now a multinational operation that produces around 30% of the world's dairy exports.

Fonterra’s strategy is to position New Zealand milk as the world's best and to lead the way in sustainable farming practices. The cooperative has a long heritage of innovation, pioneering many world firsts including multiple sustainable energy experiments at various facilities. HCLTech has been a strategic partner since 2007 and has become an invaluable collaborator in innovation.

The Challenge

The Challenge

In-house IT operations distracting management from core business objectives

The burden of managing their technology infrastructure was beginning to compromise management’s ability to focus on its core business objectives – to collect, manufacture, supply and sell high-value nutritious dairy products to global customers in more than 100 countries.

The Objective

Expanding, experimenting and pushing boundaries without having to worry about IT being able to keep up

From the start of our relationship, Fonterra’s objective has been simple: ensure its IT “just works.”

To achieve this objective, Fonterra needed to further increase its technology advantage by integrating multiple HCLTech solutions into a single seamless low-risk service that's simpler, faster, resilient and secure while relentlessly focusing on the user experience.


The Solution

Building a symbiotic relationship

The Fonterra-HCLTech partnership has flourished since 2007 and HCLTech is now a full-service provider for the organization. Fonterra has come to depend on HCLTech for the development, support and maintenance of myriad applications around the world, including its extensive SAP portfolio.

HCLTech also provides infrastructure-as-a-service on a global scale. This includes data center, cloud and cybersecurity services, as well as wireless networks and software-defined wide-area networking. End-user and device services, including asset management and field operation support, are also part of HCLTech’s responsibilities.

HCLTech is now Fonterra’s largest provider of , with a team of more than 600 people in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and India. In fact, all the company’s business processes are enabled by technology systems and solutions managed by HCLTech.


Expanding beyond IT into business and IT collaboration

Now that their IT “just works,” Fonterra and HCLTech got to work designing and developing an integrated business and IT delivery model that includes new ways of working and collaborating.

Communication between the two companies’ teams is now constant, open and transparent. Problems are solved collaboratively and Fonterra’s management team is engaged at all levels.

Fonterra regularly sends its people to HCLTech’s facilities in India because we believe that meeting in-person, sharing meals and understanding each other's cultures builds trust and encourages teamwork.

Focus on continuous and relentless performance improvement

Together, Fonterra and HCLTech maintain a course of ongoing performance improvement. HCLTech has invested in technology such, as AI and ML applications, to automate processes like support and maintenance.

HCLTech has also enhanced its capability to deliver transformation on demand. This includes implementing next-generation technologies such as SAP S/4 HANA, high-speed wireless networks and laptops with integrated self-healing productivity tools.


The Impact

Fonterra's partnership with HCLTech has evolved into a symbiotic relationship where both parties depend on each other for success.

Together, we work in unique ways with high levels of trust and collaboration, delivering outcomes and value that far exceed a traditional outsourcing relationship.

Fonterra’s people are benefiting from services and devices that deliver enhanced user experiences, and work is progressing quickly on implementing advanced technologies that will deliver next-generation support and maintenance at lower cost and risk.

Multiple solutions from HCLTech are being integrated into a single seamless service, allowing Fonterra’s management to gain a simplified view of performance-driven outcomes rather than having to oversee multiple engagements separately.

The company’s executives can focus on their core business — delivering more value to shareholders — knowing that HCLTech has their back with simpler, faster, resilient and that “just works.”