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Improved operational efficiency by developing a digital business platform on AWS

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5 min read

Amidst a vast network spanning 150 countries, 500 sites and 16,000+ employees, our client — an Australia-headquartered transportation and logistics giant — faced the daunting task of streamlining its operations and data management. Fragmented IT systems and siloed teams presented obstacles that were compounded by the absence of centralized customer information, disparate user interfaces and databases and intricate data integration processes into Hadoop, the client’s third-party provider of distributed processing solutions.

The Challenge

Navigating through a maze of fragmented IT systems and siloed teams posed significant hurdles in our client’s efforts to streamline operations and data management. Specific challenges included:

  • Lack of centralized customer information, with each business unit maintaining its own version
  • Multiple user interfaces (UI) and databases (DB) across units for route and pricing decisions, leading to inefficiencies
  • Complex processes for integrating data from various sources into Hadoop

The Objective

The objective was to unify disparate systems and enhance data management practices to foster streamlined operations and deliver seamless user experiences.

  • Establish a centralized repository for customer information to ensure consistency across business units
  • Standardize user interfaces and databases to streamline route and pricing decision processes
  • Simplify data integration processes into Hadoop for improved efficiency and data management
  • Transition from multiple online portals to a unified platform, offering modern features and enriching user experiences

The Solution

HCLTech implemented a suite of innovative solutions to address the challenges and meet the objectives. Specifically, we:

  • Launched a digital business platform for a common online platform and data event management
  • Brought multiple data sources into Hadoop and used API-based service calls for tracking and tracing
  • Established Splunk and Dynatrace for log monitoring and analytics
  • Adopted Ansible to improve the frequency of releases from 1 or 2 per month to 10-12 per month
  • Designed and deployed an API based on docker technology in Amazon ECS
  • Implemented HCLTech ALMSmart, a platform that integrates DevOps engineering aspects and agile project management

The Impact

The implemented solutions have yielded significant results:

  • Release cycle time reduced by 50%
  • True-up environment time reduced by 90%
  • Established environment provisioning scripts to enable a successful provision in just 2 hours when it used to take a full week