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Improving supply chain visibility for a beverage manufacturing major

HCLTech enhanced analytics and diagnostic capabilities with a demand and supply view
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5 min read

Our client, the world's largest beverage manufacturing company based in the US, is renowned for producing and marketing a wide range of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates, syrups and alcoholic beverages on a global scale. With an extensive supply chain network comprising concentrate manufacturers and bottlers, our client recognized the need to enhance visibility and streamline operations.

The Challenge

Navigating complexity and scale

The challenge was twofold: first, to address the complexity of our client's supply chain, spanning multiple partners and geographies; second, to manage the significant scale of the implementation process. The solution needed to cater to various business needs while ensuring seamless integration and functionality.


The Objective

Transforming supply chain visibility

The primary objective was to revolutionize supply chain visibility by implementing a robust solution capable of providing real-time tracking of shipments and comprehensive demand and supply views. To ensure the solution met diverse business requirements, our client opted for a phased approach, beginning with a pilot implementation on select units.

The Objective

The Solution

Enhancing supply chain visibility with Blue Yonder

HCLTech partnered with our client to deploy the , a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize supply chain visibility. Through meticulous requirement gathering and design discussions, the solution was customized to include:

  • Real-time visibility of finished goods inventory across the network, with dynamic inventory projections and simulation capabilities to mitigate disruptions
  • Tracking of orders and shipments, enabling proactive exception management based on shipment status and requirements
  • Custom-built inventory and shipment dashboards, offering advanced analytics and trend analysis for informed decision-making
The Solution

The Impact

Unlocking our client’s supply chain potential

The implementation delivered significant benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency and agility in supply chain operations, with improved visibility enabling planners to model multiple scenarios and optimize resources effectively
  • Strengthened collaboration between supply chain partners through real-time visibility of inventory and shipments, fostering better communication and responsiveness
  • Empowered decision-making with custom dashboards and advanced analytics, providing our client with valuable insights into supply chain performance and trends
The impact

Impressed with the pilot results, our client expanded the implementation scope across North America, paving the way for enhanced supply chain efficiency and competitiveness.