Increasing traffic by 40% by providing seamless user experiences for a hard disk manufacturer | HCLTech

Increasing traffic by 40% by providing seamless user experiences for a hard disk manufacturer

HCLTech leveraged Adobe to deliver stellar growth in website traffic by enabling collaboration
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5 min read


An American data storage company with a disjointed system landscape struggled to provide a cohesive brand experience and manage digital assets efficiently. They sought an integrated solution to enhance flexibility and reduce time-to-market for marketing and sales. In partnership with Adobe, HCLTech delivered a seamless user experience, fostering collaboration among content providers and consumers. This led to increased website traffic and a significant reduction in time-to-market.

The Challenge

Disjointed system landscape causing disparate brand experiences

A disjointed system landscape was the root cause for inconsistent brand experiences, challenges in managing digital assets and a poor authoring interface. There was difficulty in Partner Relationship Management due to a lack of a centralized portal. These key challenges led to many concerns for the client, such as:

  • Handicapped marketing department without adequate customer insights
  • Longer rollout timelines for marketing campaigns and cumbersome product launches
  • Challenges in analyzing and maintaining accessibility compliance
  • Slow delivery of customer-facing pages during high-traffic bursts
  • Increased lead time for after-sale services due to disconnected reverse logistics processes

The Objective

Increase flexibility and speed to market

Our client wanted to create capabilities and solutions for their marketing and sales teams with a multichannel design and presence to increase flexibility and speed to the market. The objectives included:

  • Standardize content and asset management process, analytics and reporting
  • Simplify the authoring and publishing of content
  • Build a framework for content syndication and integrated digital commerce for a seamless experience
  • Required localization for different geographies due to the global scale of the business

The Solution

By leveraging Adobe to enhance user experience, HCLTech enabled:

  • Enabled multi-channel support through Content-as-a-Service
  • Integrated accessibility automation tools within the development and deployment framework
  • Utilized AWS cloud for hosting content to reduce hardware costs
  • Implemented a solution for digital asset management and sharing for business teams
  • Achieved a seamless user experience with cross-sale, up-sale and product bundling across multiple product lines through deep e-commerce integration (Hybris)
  • Leveraged product information from Hybris for syndication channels and supplied it through Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Improved page speed by selecting and implementing a lightweight client-side JavaScript framework, such as Vue.js
  • Standardized the product feed format for easy consumption by third-party channel partners
  • Defined a product feed as a file containing a list of products and their attributes, organized for easy display, advertisement or comparison

The Impact

Stellar growth in website traffic, reduced time to market and enhanced user experience

  • Increased website traffic by 40% and unique visitors by 35%
  • Achieved a 200% growth in captured web leads
  • Reduced product and campaign rollout time by 140%
  • Reduced campaign/product launch time to 2-3 days
  • Ensured on-schedule and on-budget delivery for over 95% of projects
  • Decreased website onboarding and development-todeployment cycle time from 20+ weeks to 8-10 weeks
  • Reduced operation costs of the platform by 40% through automation and cloud migration