Innovating a first-of-its-kind mixed reality solution for a global biopharmaceutical leader | HCLTech

Innovating a first-of-its-kind mixed reality solution for a global biopharmaceutical leader

HCLTech optimized operations and scalability with HoloLens2 and Dynamics 365
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5 min read

A US-based premier biopharmaceutical client wanted to accelerate and optimize daily operational processes at its manufacturing sites. Known for pushing the boundaries of innovation, the client sought more efficiency and higher-quality outcomes with a mixed reality (MR) platform. The desire was to create a purpose-oriented application of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that provided real-time operational insights to improve business outcomes.

The client, seeking a partner with robust expertise in Microsoft business applications and capabilities, chose HCLTech partner in this significant initiative. HCLTech helped the client optimize its operational processes, decision-making and training modules by proposing Dynamics 365 solutions using HoloLens 2 and an MR platform.

The Challenge

Enhance manufacturing operations capabilities while meeting GxP compliance

The pharma behemoth’s approach to innovation is both proactive and preemptive, and it anchors most of its initiatives to focus on the world’s future wellness needs. The client wanted to integrate MR into its innovation charter to enhance its manufacturing operations capabilities. The client faced challenges in identifying service providers with the capabilities it required:

  • Fluency in implementing innovative solutions
  • Proven expertise in implementing Microsoft technologies
  • Ability to help the client comply with generic good practices (GxP) guidelines, needed by all pharma companies in maintaining high-quality processes and avoiding regulatory fines
  • Deployment of Dynamics 365 guides at manufacturing sites in complete compliance with total good manufacturing practice (GMP)

The Objective

Optimize operational efficiency using mixed reality

The client knew it could optimize many of its processes by becoming an early adopter of the latest AR/VR technology. The client agreed with HCLTech’s proposal for HoloLens 2 to:

  • Optimize operational efficiency and production excellence at manufacturing sites
  • Expedite decision-making, materials procurement and documents approval
  • Achieve total GMP compliance in deploying Dynamics 365 guides at manufacturing sites
  • Enhance remote maintenance of various sites
  • Build employee expertise with immersive training

The Solution

Leveraging Dynamics 365 and PowerObjects to achieve faster outcomes

In phase one of the project, HCLTech:

  • Provided a holistic blueprint for adopting HoloLens 2 with Dynamics 365 in compliance with GxP
  • Implemented a lockout-tagout (LOTO) solution during the COVID-19 pandemic to enable strong CX capabilities for secure remote operations at manufacturing sites
  • Provided custom-managed solutions (custom Dynamics 365 model-driven apps, entities, forms, business rules, plugins, views and more)
  • Validated Dynamics 365 through third-party audits for quality management
  • Implemented L2 DaaS, which encompassed device procurement, application services and device life cycle management to maximize value
  • Delivered immersive learning and training modules for employees
  • Shifted the workload from on-premises to cloud
  • Implemented a VR platform to reduce site visit navigation, optimize layout and generate real-time insights into the health of manufacturing sites
  • Provided ready-to-deploy assets in terms of frameworks, SOPs and processes
  • Delivered an end-to-end GxP-compliant solution covering remediation, implementation and content creation
  • Future roadmap proposes Dataverse and Power Platform for managing Dynamics 365 to comply with GxP

The Impact

Optimized manufacturing operations for enhanced scalability

HCLTech accelerated the client’s progress by taking full ownership as the single point of contact for this MR initiative, ensuring that the initiative took all relevant stakeholders' perspectives into account.

As a result, the client experienced the following benefits:

  • Enhanced scalability via migration to Microsoft cloud
  • Flexibility to accommodate Microsoft updates to HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365
  • Simplified decision-making in the design process through virtual models
  • More efficient, accurate and secure data and digital systems, with dynamic accessibility
  • A reduction in vendor assessment cycle time with ready-to-deploy assets for supplier qualification
  • Shorter time to value due to HCLTech’s Dynamic 365 expertise
  • Remote manufacturing capabilities
  • Zero downtime
  • Timely technical assistance through strategic, third-party partnerships

By partnering with a GxP specialist like HCLTech, the client achieved positive outcomes that are tangible, sustainable and scalable. These dynamic outcomes are helping the client significantly move the needle on its growth, innovation and efficiency agendas.