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Innovating file transmission in collaboration with Volvo Cars

HCLTech co-led a paradigm shift in file transmission and integrated ecosystems for Volvo Cars
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Volvo Cars, in collaboration with HCLTech, embarked on a groundbreaking journey to overhaul its file transmission system. The existing IBM DataPower, a legacy technology with limited functionality and high maintenance costs, posed significant challenges. The manual onboarding and deployment processes coupled with the absence of centralized monitoring made it imperative for Volvo Cars to seek a modern, scalable solution.

The Challenge

Legacy technology and manual processes

Volvo Cars encountered significant difficulties characterized by using legacy technology, cumbersome manual processes and the imposition of high maintenance costs within their file transmission infrastructure. The dependence on IBM Appliance BOX technology, manual onboarding and deployment processes and the financial strain of sustaining a system forced them to struggle to keep pace with the evolving demands of the contemporary file transmission landscape.

  • Legacy technology — IBM Appliance BOX
  • Limited functionality — No detailed logging, centralized monitoring or scalability
  • Manual onboarding and deployment
  • Lack of delivery notifications and ServiceNow (SNOW) alerts/incidents
  • No self-service capability
  • Absence of electronic data interchange (EDI) support
  • On-premises platform with high maintenance costs

The Objective

File transmission system transformation

In response to the challenges presented by legacy technology, manual processes and high maintenance costs, Volvo Cars outlined a strategic vision. The objectives encompassed a comprehensive transformation of the file transmission system:

  • Modernization: Shift from the constraints of IBM DataPower to a cutting-edge, containerized solution
  • Enhanced efficiency: Streamline operational processes for file transmission, eliminating manual bottlenecks
  • Scalability: Establish a future-ready infrastructure capable of accommodating evolving needs
  • Centralized monitoring: Implement a robust monitoring system to ensure real-time insights and proactive issue resolution
  • Cost effective automation: Develop an automated workflow that not only reduces operational costs but also enhances overall efficiency
Innovating file transmission in collaboration with Volvo Cars

The Solution

A shift to Azure

Responding to Volvo Cars' diverse challenges, a collaborative effort with HCLTech birthed a transformative solution. The IBM DataPower, hindered by limited functionality and high maintenance costs, yielded to the advanced Sterling File Gateway (SFG). Empowered by containerization in , this marked a groundbreaking shift in the integration landscape.


Key features of the SFG solution included:

  • Interoperability and optimization: An interconnected, interoperable solution interfacing seamlessly with multicloud platform providers
  • True managed file transfer: SFG ensured zero downtime, scalability and standardized deployment across environments
  • Centralized logging and monitoring: Providing detailed insights, it empowered troubleshooting and handling large data volumes efficiently
  • Automated incident management: Integration with SNOW for automated alerting and ticketing
  • REST API automation: Streamlining onboarding with a robust REST API-driven process
  • EDI Support: Comprehensive support for multiple protocols, including EDI

Tools and technologies utilized:

  • IBM Sterling Integrator
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway
  • IBM Control Center
  • IBM MQ
  • Microsoft SQL Database

The Impact

A world-first implementation

The collaborative efforts of Volvo Cars and HCLTech yielded substantial outcomes:

  • World's first implementation: SFG on Azure Kubernetes setup globally, setting an unprecedented benchmark
  • Recognition at IBM TechXchange: HCLTech showcased our unique solution delivery methodologies at IBM's annual TechXchange event in Barcelona
  • Customer Validation: Exceptional feedback from Volvo Cars, rating the project delivery at a perfect 7 out of 7

The collaboration between Volvo Cars and HCLTech resulted in a pioneering solution, transforming Volvo's file transmission capabilities. The shift to Sterling File Gateway on Azure Kubernetes not only addressed existing challenges but also positioned Volvo Cars as a frontrunner in modernized, efficient and cost-effective file transmission systems.