Integrating predictive data intelligence with Informatica’s IICS platform | HCLTech

Integrating predictive data intelligence with Informatica’s IICS platform

HCLTech empowered users to enhance business efficiency with data sharing and democratization
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Our client is a US-based global leader in industrial solutions, delivering infrastructure systems that reinforce the roads people drive on, build the bridges people cross and deliver the energy that powers the lives of many around the world. With the goal of creating exceptional industrial products and services to empower consumers to find, understand and access relevant data for business priorities, they partnered with HCLTech to implement Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) to reduce costs and grow revenue with self-service access to trusted data for business insights. The extraction-transformation-load process was used to accelerate operational efficiencies. The result was a modernized infrastructure that facilitated informed decision-making, improved the consumer experience and provided significant cost savings.

The Challenge

A misaligned data strategy

Our customer’s data strategy was not aligned with business priorities, resulting in a lack of tangible outcomes. Their data fragmentation complexity and lack of regulations were driving inefficiency and hampering productivity. Without data intelligence in place, effort and time to triage a backlog of data pipeline requests resulted in increased IT costs. Additional challenges included a lack of visible access to trusted data assets and a whole host of non-compliant data-sharing processes, resulting in flawed data and poor quality. Finally, they were dealing with limited data sharing across the organization because users did not have real-time access to the data ecosystem.


The Objective

Unlock immediate value from data

HCLTech proposed Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) to provide the right data to the right person at the right time. The platform would help address data redundancy, inaccuracy and siloes, as well as mitigate the risk of repetitive data requests. To increase enterprise profitability, our client wanted their data consumers to engage with trusted data, drive analytics and efficiencies and increase business outcomes.


The Solution

Operationalizing a data strategy

HCLTech built a roadmap to effectively leverage the modernized data technology landscape while aligning the data strategy with business priorities to increase compute capability with PaaS/SaaS services at lower costs. This helped improve data-driven decision-making with automated data delivery, address stakeholder engagement/collaboration and fortify the data literacy of their workforce, which comprises technical and non-technical business users. Informatica provided the data quality, governance and integration capabilities to ensure that the organization’s data was fit to share in the right contexts across multiple data estates, delivering a more relevant customer experience.

The Solution

The Impact

Tangible KPI improvements across the organization

  • 61,000+ users from 35+ locations can access data for doing predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Saved 100+ hours each week in data discovery by democratizing data
  • Increased productivity with data democratization and data sharing
  • Fostered a culture of data citizenship and innovation with a single, trusted "one source of truth"
The Impact