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Leading financial institution achieves operational efficiency and cost savings

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5 min read

A leading financial institution in northern Europe faced challenges such as fragmented monitoring and underutilization of IT resources. These issues resulted in decreased efficiency and increased costs for the bank. However, after implementing AppDynamics, the bank revolutionized its application performance monitoring and achieved significant cost savings. helped the bank optimize its IT operations, improving operational efficiency and allowing it to be more competitive in the financial services landscape with complete visibility of on-premises applications, custom dashboards and proactive incident management.

The Challenge

AppDynamics services can be invaluable, but organizations may face several challenges when implementing and using them.

  • Lack of business context
  • Low optimization of resources
  • Underutilization of AppDynamics services
  • Orphaned or abandoned matrices add to the wastage
  • Monitoring in silos

The Objective

Our client sought to optimize IT infrastructure and enhance operational efficiencies.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business context and requirements
  • Proactively monitor and perform predictive analysis to optimize resource allocation and utilization
  • Streamline the utilization of AppDynamics services to eliminate wastage and maximize ROI
  • Enable agile decision-making for application teams by providing complete visibility of applications hosted on-premises
  • Automate agent deployment to reduce deployment process time and errors
  • Empower application teams with custom views, dashboards and predictions based on historical trends
  • Achieve significant cost savings by eliminating wastage and right-sizing infrastructure
  • Foster a proactive incident management approach by increasing the monitoring coverage of critical business transactions
Leading financial institution achieves operational efficiency and cost savings

The Solution

HCLTech's comprehensive service includes fully managed, notable solutions with on-premises oversight, AppDynamics integration for proactive monitoring and custom dashboards, enhancing application visibility and efficiency.

  • HCLTech provided fully managed services with an option to novate, ensuring a seamless experience for our client
  • HCLTech took accountability for overseeing the on-premises solution and provided guidance on best practices for implementing the AppDynamics solution and Scrum implementation, ensuring they were always on track
  • The solution offered complete visibility of applications hosted in the on-prem solution, allowing for efficient monitoring and management
  • Custom views and dashboards are available for customer app teams, providing a tailored experience and making it easier to track progress
  • The solution also offers prediction based on previous trends, allowing for proactive measures to be taken before issues arise
  • Integration with AppDynamics for application-related visibility, proactive monitoring and automated incident creation enhanced the experience
  • The deployment process of the AppDynamics agent was automated, which helped improve efficiency, reduce human interaction and minimize errors

The Impact


The key results achieved were:

€36,000 (QTR)

Wastage elimination

€24,066 (QTR)



Version upgrades

10 apps per week

Critical business transactions monitoring