Leading hotel chain transforms global operations with HCLTech digital workplace | HCLTech

Leading hotel chain transforms global operations with HCLTech digital workplace

HCLTech boosted our client’s quest for expansion and enhanced guest experience in challenging times
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In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, a renowned hotel chain with 6,000 properties worldwide grappled with lockdown restrictions that hindered its ambitious plan to open a new property almost every day of the year. When the world began to reopen, this hospitality giant was determined to modernize its global IT infrastructure and extend the reach of its franchise hotels to even more distant boundaries.

They had partnered with HCLTech in 2018 for end-to-end solutions related to cloud, security and digital workplace services. HCLTech proved to be the catalyst for the hotel chain's ambitious expansion plans. With offices in the US, UK, India, China, Brazil and the Philippines, our impressive service capabilities caught the client's attention and sparked an ongoing collaboration to streamline their IT support and enhance operational productivity. The ultimate goal was to optimize the guest experience by implementing state-of-the-art IT devices and end-to-end monitoring systems that connect the guest experience to hotel staff productivity.

The Challenge

Lack of scalability, decentralized systems and processes and high operating costs 

Hotel chains like our client, which combine company-managed properties with properties owned and managed by franchisees, operate on intricate, customized systems that require careful management. As a result, they must navigate two distinct types of systems daily, a complex feat that requires the expertise of a trusted partner like HCLTech.

The challenges included:

  • Lack of scalability: The complexity of managing 50+ systems across 18 brands (each with its own unique property management systems) compounded the task. Deploying an IT support manager to each hotel was impractical, making it crucial to find a scalable solution to seamlessly manage the vast number of complex systems.
  • Decentralized IT systems and processes: The chain’s decentralized IT systems hindered effective strategizing and process management.
  • High operating costs: Burdened by escalating local operating costs, they required a cost-effective approach.

The Objective

Scaling globally with a centralized IT system

HCLTech already supported the client with overall corporate-managed applications and solutions as well as vendor applications and integration. Our exceptional track record led the company to partner with us to streamline and scale IT operations by overcoming the challenges that hindered guest satisfaction.

Leading hotel chain transforms global operations with HCLTech digital workplace

The Solution

HCLTech's digital workplace and AI solutions

Taking a comprehensive approach, HCLTech thoroughly assessed the client's IT infrastructure and formulated a solution that blended expertise, cutting-edge technology and agility to modernize the IT support system. Collaborating closely with the client's leadership team, HCLTech unleashed our digital workplace and AI-powered solutions to address the challenges faced by hotel staff and management.

We transformed our proof of concept into a real-time business model to proactively monitor the 50+ complex systems and apply fixes that would prevent minor issues from growing into serious problems. Key solutions implemented by HCLTech included:

  • AI chatbot: Deployed in hotels in APAC and Europe, the AI chatbot revolutionized the guest experience by providing timely support, resolving critical issues and enhancing convenience. The chatbot is currently being deployed in the Americas.
  • Custom dashboards: Comprehensive and user-friendly, the custom dashboards provided hotel staff with 360-degree visibility into the guest experience, ensuring seamless operations.
  • End-to-end monitoring: A dedicated team meticulously monitors and manages over 20 applications and systems and proactively addresses potential issues.
  • Scalable, centralized IT systems and processes: These all cater to the franchise business model, and the company is considering additional delivery centers as work progresses.
  • IT workload automation: 20% of IT workloads were automated, improving efficiency and the guest experience.

The Impact

Revolutionizing global operations for chain-managed and franchised hotels

HCLTech's innovative solutions not only resolved existing challenges; they also propelled the client toward several remarkable milestones:

  • Successful onboarding of 65 pilot hotels
  • Highly scalable operations are now being introduced to the chain's 6,000 properties
  • Significant reduction in annual IT spending
  • An exceptional guest experience index rating exceeding 95%

This successful partnership is a testament to HCLTech's ability to tailor solutions that address unique industry needs and operational challenges. Through a meticulous combination of industry expertise and technological prowess, HCLTech revolutionized the client's IT offerings, enhanced the overall guest experience and elevated the quality and scalability of operations. As the hospitality industry evolves, HCLTech's implementation model provides a compelling blueprint for operational excellence and future growth.