Leading IT company advances its sustainability efforts with the help of HCLTech | HCLTech

Leading IT company advances its sustainability efforts with the help of HCLTech

Innovative water conservation program produces remarkable results at Indian plant
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Sustainability is a core value for this leading IT company and something the organization strives to incorporate across its global operations centers. Recognizing the need to conserve water at its plant in Chennai, located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, they sought a solution to optimize water usage and reduce the reliance on municipal water sources. They identified AquaSphere, an SAP-integrated solution, as a suitable option to enhance water efficiency, improve conservation practices and reduce water costs.

The Challenge

Reducing water use and associated costs at Chennai plant

The organization has long been a champion of sustainable practices, implementing them for global clients and within their own spheres of operation. At their Chennai plant, they aimed to streamline water management operations, identify inefficiencies and implement targeted improvements to reduce water usage and costs.


The Objective

Empower sustainable water usage

In addition to streamlining their water management operations, they sought to:

  • Develop a comprehensive water management strategy
  • Analyze current consumption patterns of water usage
  • Monitor water usage in real-time using sensors
  • Gather real-time insights into water usage to make data-driven decisions
  • Tap into advanced data analytics and predictive modeling to optimize water use
  • Move away from municipal sources of water
  • Collaborate actively with local communities, government bodies, NGOs and industry partners for better water management strategies
  • Raise awareness among staff about the significance of preserving water

By meeting these objectives, the organization hoped to build a scalable water management solution that could be replicated across multiple locations.


The Solution

Building a resilient water management system for a changing world

To support the organization's sustainability objectives, they implemented AquaSphere — an integrated SAP solution that offers a comprehensive water management approach. AquaSphere also comprises the following functionalities:

The Solution
  • Real-time monitoring of water consumption to identify and rectify any anomalies promptly, which led to responsible water usage
  • SAP-based data analytics to determine the exact amount of water required and used
  • Predictive analytics to identify potential water leakages and equipment failures
  • Smart sensors for estimating annual water conservation and usage
  • Daily water consumption/conservation index to track daily water usage and conservation efforts
  • Water bill invoices from SAP to accurately calculate the water usage costs

The Impact

Far-reaching consequences

The implementation of the at the company's Chennai plant yielded significant results in terms of water optimization and savings. The key results achieved were:


reduction in overall water usage


drop in the reliance on municipal water


increase in total water savings