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Logistics operations revolutionized with automated handling solutions

HCLTech helped a leading logistics company enhance its operations and ensure compliance
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5 min read

Our client is the world's leading logistics company, with a workforce of 380,000 spread across over 220 countries and territories. They deliver approximately 1.8 billion parcels every year, facilitating cross-border trade and market expansion.

The Challenge

Addressing complex logistics challenges

Our client faced several challenges that necessitated the implementation of automated handling solutions:

  • Serialization enablement: Enabling serialization through the receiving process posed a significant challenge, requiring the automation of serialization processes to reduce manual dependencies and associated costs.
  • Manual dependency reduction: The existing manual processes for product movements and pallet handling led to inefficiencies and increased operational costs. Automating these processes was essential to enhance efficiency and reduce reliance on manual labor.
  • Cost efficiency enhancement: With the growing volume of parcels and shipments, there was a pressing need to improve cost efficiency across logistics operations. Automating pallet handling and product movements was identified as a key strategy to achieve this objective.

The Objective

A systems-driven approach toward modernizing logistics operations

The primary objective was to modernize and streamline logistics operations by implementing a systems-driven approach to all product movements, including exceptions and optimizing the movement of empty pallets back to the receiving area. Specifically, the aim was to achieve:

  • System-driven product movements: To ensure that all movements of products, including exceptions such as moves to and from Quality Control (QC), reject and rework areas, were automated and efficiently managed by the system
  • Efficient pallet handling: To automate the movement of empty pallets back to the receiving area, minimizing manual intervention and optimizing pallet management processes
Logistics operations revolutionized with automated handling solutions

The Solution

Revolutionizing warehouse operations

HCLTech, in collaboration with MAX AGV, introduced a fleet of 8 FX20C Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to replace various manned Material Handling Equipment (MHE) trucks used over two shifts. The AGVs were strategically deployed to transport stock arriving at the site, optimizing inbound and outbound logistics processes. Additionally, we implemented the necessary configuration and integration of MAX AGV with to facilitate seamless automation of pallet handling and product movements. Serialization within the receiving process was enabled, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


The Impact

Driving efficiency and compliance

The implementation of automated handling solutions resulted in significant business benefits:

  • Cost efficiency: Automated pallet handling and product movements reduced manual effort, leading to cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Damage reduction: With fewer manual interventions, instances of damages to pallets, racks and buildings by operators were significantly reduced, resulting in lower maintenance costs and improved asset utilization
  • Compliance and traceability: Serialization enablement and enhanced tracking capabilities ensured compliance with regulatory standards and improved traceability throughout the supply chain

In collaboration with MAX AGV, HCLTech has revolutionized logistics operations, delivered tangible business benefits and positioned our client for continued success in the competitive logistics industry.