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Migrating workloads to a cloud-based solution

One of the largest dairy product export houses and cooperatives wanted to migrate its IT infrastructure to cloud-based solutions. The dairy major wanted to move to OPEX to reduce capital expenditure and meet scalability requirements.
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5 min read

The Challenge

To address significant ongoing technology challenges, our client required end-to-end management of APAC portfolio data. However, their traditional IT infrastructure and applications made the transition difficult and slow.

30% +

Worldwide exports

10,000 +

Farmer shareholders across 140 countries


On-premises data centers for minimal disruption


The Objective

The main objective was to migrate to:

  • A cloud-based infrastructure
  • A system that can manage data efficiently and effectively
  • A technology solution capable of meeting scalability requirements

HCLTech managed data efficacy and improved data management.


The Solution

HCLTech engaged with the dairy product major to draft industry-leading solutions for the transformation journey. During the process, key collaborations with Intel and Microsoft paved the way for successful onboarding and marking correct workload instances.

  • VMware environment extended to run natively using AVS to complete the cloud journey
  • Workloads were identified to migrate and deploy nodes to AVS private cloud for production and disaster recovery backup
  • Collaborated with Intel to support onboarding as per Intel AV36 instances
  • Relied on AVS to scale an on-demand platform for hosting applications utilizing Microsoft Azure’s native toolsets

The Impact

The dairy export house reaped numerous benefits using Intel’s AV36 on Azure provided by HCLTech. The process enabled the export major to leapfrog to industry-leading transformation and enhanced customer and shareholder experiences:

  • Three years of free extended security updates to ensure its information was secure with minimal business disruption
  • Helped reduce complexity in the system and increased scalability, agility and flexibility of their IT landscape
  • Improved their integration process through Microsoft Azure Services and the Microsoft Azure ecosystem