Modernizing disparate legacy systems for a banking major | HCLTech

Modernizing disparate legacy systems for a banking major

HCLTech leveraged Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to deliver intelligent customer solutions
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5 min read

Our client is a leading African bank and financial services group offering retail, commercial and institutional services to more than 38 million customers. They are present in 28 countries across five continents.

The Challenge

Navigating banking complexities

Our client was confronted with several obstacles, such as a lack of connectivity between its many core banking systems and older applications, as well as laborious manual customer onboarding and KYC procedures. Another significant difficulty was the absence of a real-time, full picture of their data, product performance and third-party integrations. Additionally, they lacked advanced analytics and AI-enabled opportunity identification.


The Objective

Transforming banking efficiency for enhanced customer engagement

Our client wanted to automate and streamline its banking operations and enable its relationship managers and C-level executives to serve their institutional and individual customers effectively.


The Solution

A strategic approach with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

HCLTech was engaged by our client for the strategy-to-implementation services and leveraged our Dev-Ops operating model, technical architecture expertise and distributed offshore and onshore resources to provide an end-to-end solution. Here’s how the solution paved the path for client success:

  • Implemented Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, with features like retail and investment banking and insurance
  • Architected solutions for customer support and sales process enablement across business groups
  • Replaced legacy systems and applications by integrating Salesforce with the core banking system and mobile application
  • Enabled experience cloud for customer and partner self-service
  • Provided a unified view of customers, partners and related parties
  • Streamlined communication through computer telephony integration (CTI) with Amazon Connect
  • Set up omnichannel and multiple data sync sources using Amazon EC2 (elastic compute cloud) and RDS (relational database)
The Solution

The Impact

A holistic business transformation with Salesforce

Our client was able to achieve their business objectives with HCLTech's comprehensive approach to business transformation.

  • They now possess a comprehensive understanding of the whole client journey, real-time integration with core financial systems and real-time feeds synchronized with several systems across geographical boundaries
  • Additionally, we automated the customer onboarding and KYC processes and allowed self-service for partners and customers
  • Another significant achievement has been the AI-driven insights on profitable business and investment prospects
The Impact