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Next-gen manufacturing: MES application thrives on OpenShift

HCLTech's innovations in edge deployment unlock efficiency, resilience and savings
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Our client is a global leader in optical solutions, offering a unique product and technology portfolio for sensing, illumination and visualization, from prime-quality light emitters and optical components to micro-modules, light sensors, ICs and related software

The Challenge

Lack of a robust MES prevented them from elevating manufacturing capabilities

Our client needed to elevate their manufacturing capabilities by creating an unparalleled container platform and implementing a robust manufacturing execution system (MES). The solution would need to include features fortified with the resilience of Red Hat OpenShift.

The Challenge

The Objective

Elevate manufacturing capabilities by creating an unparalleled container platform

Three primary objectives were in play for our client:

  • Design a resilient platform by incorporating the robust features of Red Hat OpenShift, ensuring fortification and seamless integration of high availability and disaster recovery solutions
  • Extend the platform's reach across multiple edge locations
  • Successfully host the mission-critical manufacturing applications
The Objective

The Solution

A collaborative manufacturing application engineered by HCLTech and Red Hat

We approached the solution implementation by engineering a two-phased strategy:

  • Phase 1:

    Deployed a highly available OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) in the development environment at the client's edge location in Germany

  • Hosted the critical manufacturing application for MES on this platform
The Solution
  • Phase 2:

    Following the successful delivery of Phase 1, a highly available OCP was deployed in the production environment at the edge location in Malaysia

  • The MES critical manufacturing application was deployed on the OCP in this production environment

In addition, we shared a high-level design to achieve high availability with disaster recovery capability for productive workloads. We also facilitated the seamless integration of third-party backup, monitoring and security tools, ensuring a smooth collaboration with the Azure DevOps Pipeline and the OCP.

The Impact

Benefits included a 30% reduction in operating costs

HCLTech's solution succeeded by deploying the MES application on a cutting-edge OpenShift container platform at two edge locations, securing a multi-phase deal and establishing 24/7 support.This led to:

DevOps Transformation

Enabled adopting sustainable DevOps practices and a standardized platform approach for increased agility and flexibility

Cloud Native Setup

Overcame on-premises cloud native setup challenges with an OpenShift-based solution, providing the modern infrastructure required

The Impact

Solution Features

Included self-healing and high availability features for a resilient system architecture

Operational Efficiency

Resulted in a notable 30% reduction in operating costs, showcasing efficiency gains

Overall Improvement

Contributed to improvements in quality, productivity and safety, enhancing their operational landscape