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Optimizing business processes for an American cloud storage company

HCLTech delivered impactful business results and enhanced enterprise performance
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Our client is an American smart workspace and cloud storage organization, offering cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud and client software. They wanted to improve collaboration across their business teams and optimize resource utilization to improve business performance. They partnered with HCLTech for our expertise in implementing scalable to help them overcome legacy issues by modernizing their existing platforms and deliver impactful business results with a better brand experience.

The Challenge

Inefficiencies in business processes and cross-collaboration

Our client was under significant pressure to meet both existing and new business demands. They were experiencing decreased collaboration and more silos within the organization, which was negatively impacting execution, resource utilization and demand generation. Additionally, they lacked a central knowledge repository to support their digital initiatives.


The Objective

Smoother execution and improved performance

Their main objectives were to:

  • Enhance collaboration among all business teams
  • Improve the knowledge repository to support smoother execution
  • Optimize resource utilization and demand generation
  • Implement a multi-tier caching strategy to enhance performance for end customers

The Solution

Leveraging Adobe to deliver enhanced business performance

HCLTech improved their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with a Center of Excellence (CoE) strategy, enhancing platform capabilities, templates, scalability and personalization using Adobe Analytics. The solution was able to improve overall customer personalization by:

  • Addressing legacy concerns and upgrading the platform for future integrations
  • Empowering business teams to manage new product launches with customized AEM components and templates
  • Implementing standardized templates based on brand requirements
  • Enhancing scale and time-to-market by transitioning to a micro-services design
  • Emphasizing data-driven decision-making using insights from Adobe Analytics
  • Developed the 'Digital Attacker' digital engagement platform with a composable architecture
  • Designed IT delivery function based on product management principles
  • Created a reusable digital foundation library for future product launches
  • Achieved consistent and excellent user experiences on various platforms (web, mobile, tablet) for an effective omnichannel presence
  • Updated front-end design and development to increase lead generation and conversions for the German B2B site
  • Enabled the capture of consumer behaviors and insights for delivering customized plans to customers

The Impact

Reduced time to market and remarkable improvement in business processes

Because of our established relationship with Adobe and our comprehensive understanding of our client s needs, we were able to:

  • Reduce time to market, leading to quick changes as per dynamic market demand and customer feedback
  • Rapidly onboard a new website because of the reusability and extensible nature of templates and components
  • Implement an extendible platform for integration with any new marketing tool integration

Overall, our client saw an improvement in market coverage through enhanced accessibility and SEO features.