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Optimizing HR operations for a global print manufacturer

Revolutionizing HR processes for a US-based manufacturer, resulting in 100% data accuracy and significant operational cost reduction.
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A Fortune 500 icon, known for its leadership in the production of printing devices and digital documents, partnered with us to streamline its human resource management. This strategic collaboration aimed to centralize, optimize and automate HR functions, showcasing a model of HR transformation in manufacturing industries.

The Challenge

Overcoming decentralized HR hurdles

Struggling with decentralized HR management, our client — a global print manufacturer with a workforce exceeding 25,000 — faced inefficiencies leading to elevated operational expenses. The dispersed HR processes, resulting from organic growth and acquisitions, presented a fragmented HR landscape lacking standardization and global oversight.

Our client, a US-based print manufacturer with over 25,000 employees worldwide, faced several challenges with their HR operations. Having grown through both organic means and acquisitions, our client found itself grappling with decentralized HR processes scattered across multiple teams and locations. This lack of standardization led to process gaps, inefficiencies and a lack of a global view of their HR landscape.

The HR Business Partners and HR Operations teams were wasting valuable time and effort on transactional, non-value-added activities. As a result, the cost of operations was soaring and our client recognized the need for a transformative solution.

The Challenge

The Objective

Streamlining HR operations: Aiming for efficiency and cost-effectiveness

The goal was to establish a Global Shared Services model for HR, embracing North America, EMEA and APAC, focusing on:

  • Centralizing HR operations for improved efficiency
  • Enhancing language support across multiple regions
  • Leveraging HR automation to streamline processes
Optimizing HR operations for a global print manufacturer

The Solution

A pioneering global HR services model

We introduced a centralized Global Shared Services framework encompassing key HR functions such as Tier 1 Administration and Transactions, HR Operations (Tier 2), Compensation and Benefits, Global Incentive and Sales Compensation and Learning and Development.

This strategy incorporated:

  • Consolidation of HR operations from 15 different locations to four strategic locations, utilizing offshore and nearshore centers
  • Multilingual support to cater to a diverse workforce: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic and Finnish
  • HR automation, including chatbots for routine and repetitive inquiries, driving efficiency
  • Implement continuous improvement projects to further optimize the HR processes.
The Solution

The Impact

A new era of HR excellence: Significant cost savings and improved data accuracy

The client witnessed significant improvements following the implementation of our solution. The implementation of chatbots reduced the time spent responding to routine queries, leading to time savings for HR. Deployment of RPA BOTs in Data Integrity and HR processes led to 100% data accuracy and a 50% improvement in productivity.

The planned implementation of a Case Management and Workflow tool is expected to reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) by approximately 50%. The client saw a 29% reduction in AHT for US operations and a 26% reduction for Great Britain. Employee data accuracy improved from 95% to 99% and there was a 30% reduction in aged and pending tickets.

This case study reflects the potential of HR outsourcing solutions in revolutionizing HR operations for the manufacturing sector, particularly in multinational corporations.