Optimizing processes and productivity for an American financial services firm | HCLTech

Optimizing processes and productivity for an American financial services firm

HCLTech enabled seamless scalability and superior application quality
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5 min read

Our client is a major US-based financial services holding company offering comprehensive banking, trust, card, merchant and treasury management services. They were looking for support from a partner to deliver and enhance specialized testing services across test data management, service virtualization, performance testing and test automation support.

The Challenge

Lack of scalability

The top priority and challenge for our client was delivering cost-effective specialized testing services. However, they had limitations interrupting seamless delivery, such as a lack of access to the deep pool of technical resources, which led to the inability to scale appropriately to meet the demands of their growing IT portfolio. With a wide technology landscape, there was a need to adopt and support multiple tools and frameworks across the enterprise.


The Objective

Streamlining the delivery of specialized testing

The key objective was to seamlessly deliver specialized testing services in a managed services model with well-defined KPIs and SLAs. It was imperative to improve the time-to-market, reduce operational costs by 15% and improve turnaround time by 20-25%.

The scope of services included:

  • Service virtualization: Creation, maintenance and administration of virtualized services on multiple protocols —including SOAP, REST, JDBC and MQ, with commercial and open-source toolsets
  • Test automation support: Working with application teams on all automation-related issues and developing prototypes (including framework updates) based on the application needs
  • Provision of Tier 1 and Tier 2 support: First response on all automation tickets
  • Performance Testing: Convert non-functional requirements to test cases, automate performance scripts and provide support for multiple applications
  • Test data management support: For multiple applications

The Solution

A test center of value

HCLTech proposed a Test Center of Value model to standardize tools, processes and people across service virtualization, test automation support, test data management and performance testing. Aimed at delivering higher productivity, the core value proposition of this model is accelerated service delivery that enables cost optimization and faster resolution.

Key tenets of this proposition included:

  • Delivering services in an onshore-offshore model for cost optimization and providing extended support leveraging the time zone differences
  • Supporting the open-source adoption initiative across testing services
  • Adhering to the enterprise-level SLAs
  • Integrating performance testing and service virtualization into the continuous testing pipeline
  • Supporting complex transactions and data generation for multiple payment types
  • Enabling API integration with TDM self-service portal to source test data for scripts
  • Creating and enhancing Known Error Database (KEDB) to optimize ticket turnaround time

The Impact

Measurable improvements in productivity and service delivery

HCLTech seamlessly took over the services by using our AsseT™ transition framework. We significantly optimized the costs associated across our client's service portfolio by delivering in the Managed Services Model with well-defined KPIs and SLAs.

We delivered highly significant results and positively impacted our client's operations:

  • Improved productivity by 20%-25% across tracks through cross-training
  • Managed to deliver services with 85% offshore and 15% onshore
  • The HCLTech team is now the one-stop shop for consulting and solution development for the test automation framework
  • Developed KDEB for repeat support tickets, which improved the turnaround time
  • Drove service adoption across units through close collaboration and consultation with stakeholders