Redefining efficiency with automated workflows for a consumer goods company | HCLTech

Redefining efficiency with automated workflows for a consumer goods company

HCLTech revolutionized Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) testing and automated solutions
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Our client is a British multinational consumer goods company with a global presence spanning 190 countries. Their extensive operations require robust testing procedures to ensure the efficiency and reliability of their WMS.

The Challenge

Addressing manual testing hurdles

Adopting a manual testing approach presented several challenges:

  • Manual testing required well-trained testers, leading to increased turnaround time due to manual errors, knowledge scale-up and adherence to test steps
  • Building a test automation framework from scratch demanded significant time, effort and human resources. It necessitated collaboration between automation testers and WMS functional consultants
The Challenge

The Objective

The shift to automated WMS workflows

Our client aimed to automate the entire WMS testing process, transitioning from a manual intervention approach to automated workflows. The objective was to streamline testing procedures, reduce turnaround time and enhance overall testing efficiency.


The Solution

Optimizing testing workflows

HCLTech partnered with Cycle Automation Testing Solutions to address these challenges:

  • Pre-built automated test cases: Cycle Automation Testing Solutions offered a repository of approximately 200 pre-built test cases tailored to functionalities, minimizing the need for manual script development.
  • Ease of scripting: The solution provided ease of scripting, enabling users to leverage base scripts and customize them to meet specific business requirements. This significantly reduced the time and effort required for script development.
  • Support for latest features: The solution supported the latest features of Blue Yonder WMS, including mobile and RF automation. It generated detailed test case reports, facilitating comprehensive testing and validation.
  • Regression testing efficiency: Prebuilt functional base scripts allowed for efficient regression testing, reducing time and effort expended in testing cycles.
  • Multiple utilities: The solution offered multiple utilities for categorizing and executing functional flows, including scenario suites, silo functional testing and end-to-end regression testing.
  • Continuous support: Cycle Automation Testing Solutions provided 24/7 support through an online knowledge base, featuring FAQs and subject matter expert assistance.
The Solution

The Impact

Redefined efficiency with automated testing in WMS

The implementation of automated testing solutions had significant benefits:

  • Cost and time reduction: The prebuilt automated test scripts minimized human cost and time required for script development, enabling rapid deployment of the automation framework
  • Labor cost reduction: The solution eliminated the need for experienced scripting knowledge, as users could quickly learn to develop custom scripts following a behavior-driven development framework
  • Flexibility and maintenance: The solution offered flexibility for solution upgrades, maintenance and support, reducing manual effort and time associated with analysis, script development, testing and regression testing

The adoption of automated testing solutions revolutionized our client's WMS testing processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and improved testing reliability.

The Impact