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Reducing biopharma supply chain delays to maximize customer satisfaction

We helped a global biopharma leader overcome supply chain disruptions, enhance compliance and cut lead times for enhanced customer satisfaction.
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2 mins 42 seconds read


Our client is a globally recognized biopharmaceutical R&D company, specializing in the manufacture of API, bulk drugs, specialty drugs and vaccines. With a significant presence across the globe, the company sought to address challenges in its that were impacting its customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Shipping and compliance difficulties leading to customer dissatisfaction and quality complaints

Our client faced significant hurdles in its supply chain management, primarily delays in sharing shipping documents that adversely affected in-transit shipments. Further, there were recurring errors in providing the correct packing, loading and shipping instructions on documents, leading to customer dissatisfaction and quality complaints. The company also struggled with inadequate backup plans and inefficient compliance management.

The Challenge

The Objective

Ensure business continuity and achieve cost savings

Faced with these challenges, our client's objective was crystal clear: ensure seamless business continuity amid the disruptions caused by Covid-19 while adhering to ISO 9001:2015 best practices and achieving substantial cost savings. With a focus on efficiency and resilience, they set out to streamline supply chain processes, enhance quality assurance and mitigate compliance risk for enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Objective

The Solution

Process standardization, cross-training and real-time SAP monitoring for improved SCM

To tackle these challenges head-on, we implemented tailored solutions to enhance our client's supply chain management. We standardized processes and made improvements through Kaizen initiatives, implemented an internal quality and governance mechanism and introduced cross-functional training programs for resource redundancy. A knowledge database was created to speed up the process and real-time SAP monitoring was adopted to enhance supply chain visibility.

Services offered to the client included:

  • SO, outbound delivery: Creating OBDs, checking material status and regional hub shipment release
  • Invoice: Crafting commercial invoices, forwarding instructions, account postings and e-archiving via OpenText
  • Import and export document creation: Handling vital documentation for international transactions
  • E-filing and EXIM declaration: Ensuring compliance with export and import regulations
  • Reporting: Generating manual documents for preferential treatment in trade
The Solution

The Impact

99.8% SLA achievement, 400+ continuous improvement suggestions and a significant reduction in lead time

Our solution had a significant positive impact on the client's SCM. Since inception, we achieved a remarkable 99.8% SLA for all KPI metrics across all lines of business and a 99.9% quality achievement, which reduced manual errors and improved efficiency. Our team suggested over 400 continuous improvements, with 85+ adopted by the client. With our help, the client was able to leverage associates across the globe and implement a "Beat the Sun/Follow the Sun" model, resulting in on-time inter-logistics hub management.

  • Process standardization and harmonization across hubs and geos
  • 30% automation with collaborative RPA deployment
  • Cross dock lead time reduction from seven days to immediate processing of the order from the time of visibility
  • Integration of SAP ECC and ATLAS for 99% accurate data visibility to forwarders.

For biopharma companies seeking reliable , our case study stands as a testament to the power of strategic SCM optimization, compliance enhancements and unwavering focus on customer needs, resulting in unparalleled service delivery and client satisfaction.