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Reinforcing network protection for a leading energy infrastructure company

Redefining cybersecurity: Seamless threat migration and robust policy enforcement for a leading North American energy utility company
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Our client caters to a wide range of professional energy markets, including construction, commercial, institutional and government, as well as the industrial and utility markets. They offer comprehensive products and services supporting construction, infrastructure updates, renovation, maintenance, repair operations and original equipment manufacturing. With an aspiration to strengthen their security posture, they were looking for a partner to help implement threat migration and mitigate end-point security risks.

The Challenge

Network and endpoint security management

Our client was looking for a reliable partner to ensure the complete security of its complex network and endpoints. Key challenges included:

  • Network and endpoint security management: Incident request, service request and change management resolution by L2/L3 SMEs; vendor coordination; device maturity index improvement; patching and signature updates
  • Vulnerability management: End-to-end vulnerability management activities such as vulnerability scanning, prioritization, governance and remediation
  • Governance: Knowledge management, periodic reports and EOL notifications

The Objective

Seamless threat migration and policy enforcement

They were determined to enhance their security posture while ensuring seamless operations. Specific objectives included:

  • The smooth migration of 250 SD-WAN sites to Zscaler
  • Enhancing their security posture through proactive monitoring and policy enforcement
  • Effectively mitigating endpoint security risks

The Solution

Innovative and comprehensive security management

HCLTech leveraged our expertise in cybersecurity management to implement robust solutions to address our client’s varied requirements:

  • Participated in migration effort of 250 sites running SDWAN to Zscaler without any additional project cost
  • Configured automatic rollout of Zscaler client connector
  • Worked on 1,440+ alerts with the Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) team and fine-tuned 24 policies to ensure zero false positives
  • Introduction of "Microsoft Sentinel" tool integration for centralized monitoring
  • Identified risk in workstations with expired Tenant ID and mitigated threats in the environment
  • Fine-tuned policy-based alerts for improved monitoring

The Impact

Error-free security reinforcement and threat mitigation

The implementation of HCLTech's solution brought about a significant impact on the client's security infrastructure:

  • Operations on 370+ threat advisories with necessary actions taken
  • Creation of 26 SOPs to deal with various major actions such as alert handling processes
  • 100% accuracy in all changes with no unauthorized changes
  • Managed 1,050+ incidents and 340+ changes over the year without any deviation
  • Timely collaboration with other tracks and stakeholders for resolving identified vulnerabilities on the machines

HCLTech's enabled our client to maintain a secure and robust infrastructure, enhancing their processes and ultimately contributing to the smooth operations in service of their end consumers. Our capability to tailor solutions specific to client needs, coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, provides a compelling IT business model that aligns perfectly with their evolving needs and operational challenges.