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Revolutionizing accounts payable for an American automobile manufacturer

With a focus on end-to-end accounts payable, this partnership yielded remarkable savings, streamlined processes and a profound impact on financial health and operational excellence for our client.
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3 min 15 sec read

Our client, one of America's largest manufacturers of electric luxury sports cars, sought a digital transformation of their existing processes, with a focus on working capital optimization, cash flow improvement and process standardization. HCLTech was the chosen partner for this endeavor, embarking on a mission to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience.

The Challenge

Navigating complexities in the supply chain and streamlining processes to drive efficiency

Our client faced several critical challenges, demanding innovative solutions and a strategic approach. These included managing inventory amidst complex supply chain issues, ensuring the availability of an ERP system across multiple warehouses to prevent revenue leaks and potential fraud, establishing visibility into working capital, enhancing cash flow and tackling an overwhelming invoice backlog due to manual processing. They grappled with dispersed and non-standard processes, limited technology utilization and the absence of a vendor portal. Meeting these multifaceted challenges required a pragmatic and forward-thinking approach, focusing on innovation and strategic solutions.


The Objective

Transformation and automation for operational excellence; driving self-service adoption and eliminating duplicates; enhancing process efficiency for agility and effectiveness

The partnership with HCLTech was grounded in a set of specific objectives aimed at delivering a transformative impact on our client's operations. The primary goal was to provide comprehensive transformation and automation solutions to streamline processes and enhance the overall customer experience. Additionally, driving self-service adoption and eliminating duplicates within operations were essential components of the partnership's mission. The ultimate objective was to drive process efficiency, ensuring that our client's operational landscape was agile, efficient and well-equipped to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving automotive industry.


The Solution

From end-to-end process enhancements to technological innovations

In response to a landscape riddled with challenges, our partnership unfolded a dynamic set of solutions, transforming operations, driving profound impact and propelling our client toward operational excellence, efficiency and financial health.

  1. End-to-end process enhancement:
    • Managed end-to-end accounts payable, covering functions like invoice processing, travel and expenses, vendor master management, disbursement and vendor inquiry.
    • Resolved supply chain issues by proactively engaging with strategic vendors, obtaining proof of deliveries and ensuring timely payments to prevent production disruptions.
  2. Streamlining operations and efficiency:
    • Executed an operations solution driven by digital transformation of current processes to deliver business outcomes.
    • Implemented a duplicate audit tool and controls and collaborated with the client to recover the amount from vendors.
    • Introduced an API layer for end-to-end system integration with existing system architecture.
    • Implemented a predictive cost model while ensuring operational efficiencies.
  3. Technological advancements and automation:
    • Proposing chatbot and workflow solutions to streamline and enhance processes.
    • Leveraging HCLTech's automation center of excellence to deploy BOTs for automation.
    • Assisting with ERP optimization to enhance processing efficiency.
  4. Enhanced reporting and control:
    • Providing reporting through analytics-driven dashboards, offering insights like payments analytics and fraud management.
    • Driving process efficiencies and service delivery based on SLAs and KPIs.
    • Strengthening the control environment to address relevant risks, such as duplicate payments and fraudulent payments.

The Impact

Profound results in financial health, operational efficiency and control

Through a comprehensive transformation, technological advancements and a focus on customer-centricity —and with a keen eye on the process and financial improvements —our partnership led to enhanced cash flow, eliminated revenue leakages and introduced comprehensive risk management.


Achieved committed savings


Identified duplicate payments


Resolved backlog of past-due invoices