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Revolutionizing pet diagnostics through digital transformation

Creating a compelling and differentiated user experience for a leading pet care diagnostics company
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5 min read

Our client, a global pet diagnostics company, was keen to enhance their services to a vast customer base spanning North America, Europe and Asia. The client turned to HCLTech with a focus on providing pet health data to veterinary doctors and developing diagnostic solutions.

The Challenge

Limited digital diagnostics impacting revenue and costs

The client's existing diagnostics solution, aimed at veterinary doctors in clinics and hospitals, needed to offer user-friendly services to mitigate manual processes, improve adoption and customer satisfaction and provide faster support to end customers.

To stay ahead in the market, they embarked on a journey to transform their overall end-to-end digital customer experience. The main goal was to have an engaging digital diagnostics platform that was fully integrated with the existing systems utilized by doctors. This integration was critical to eliminate redundancies, facilitate personalization and significantly enhance the user experience.

The Challenge

The Objective

Transform the digital customer experience with a vision to move towards AI/ML-enabled predictive diagnostics in the future

In their journey to digital transformation, our client sought a partnership capable of facilitating their transition and fostering innovation. Their goal was to instill cutting-edge capabilities and thought leadership, significantly contributing to their strategic goals to stay ahead of the competition, reduce operational costs, improve customer experience, increase customer retention and effectively cross-sell, thereby increasing revenue.

The client was impressed with HCLTech's digital transformation capabilities and decided to partner with us to unlock their full potential and enrich the modern application landscape. They anticipated this alliance would drive growth and supercharge their business through innovation, thought leadership and improved customer experiences


The Solution

Differentiated customer experience, personalization and automated ordering

HCLTech offered a designed to modernize our client's IT infrastructure, aimed at reducing operational costs through automation and deriving actionable insights from data. This proposal was marked by our commitment to delivering within agreed timelines and achieving predetermined cost savings, essentially putting "skin in the game."

HCLTech crafted this solution focusing on simplicity and efficiency in task execution, prioritizing three core elements to revolutionize the client's digital ecosystem:

  • Experience-led design emphasizing empathy and human connection: At the solution's core was a design that prioritized empathy and human connection. Recognizing the bond between pets and their owners, HCLTech aimed to create immersive and human-centric experiences. This was particularly important for anxious pet parents who needed a supportive and understanding environment.
  • Process-driven and composable architecture for future-ready innovation deployment: The technological landscape continually evolves, and our solution was crafted to adapt. We constructed a composable architecture using microservices and APIs to enable faster deployments and the addition of new features.

Detailed implementation strategy:

  • Integrated veterinary experience: By seamlessly integrating with the existing Practice Information Management System (PIMS) veterinarians already use, HCLTech ensured a unified platform that enhanced usability and accelerated adoption. This integration promoted a streamlined workflow, allowing vets to focus more on care and less on administrative tasks.
  • Phased modernization and rollout: HCLTech adopted a phased approach to modernizing the customer-facing application, introducing features such as immersive user experiences, personalization, automated ordering processes, AI-driven predictive analytics and visual data/report representations. This strategy ensures minimal disruption, enabling gradual adoption and familiarity among users.
  • Further IT landscape transformation: In subsequent releases, we have continuously expanded the solution's capabilities, enhancing features such as automated processes, predictive recommendations, faster responsiveness, AI-based prioritization and improved accuracy in reporting. Each release builds upon the foundation to deepen efficiency, improve decision-making and solidify the client's competitive stance.

HCLTech modernized the existing customer-facing application in a phased rollout approach to enable an immersive experience, personalization, automated processes, predictive recommendations, a quicker response, AI-based prioritization and accurate reporting.

The Solution

The Impact

Digital transformation fuels innovation and growth

In collaboration with our client's IT and business teams, we delivered a breakthrough solution without any disruptions in service and on budget.

HCLTech's active involvement in our client's transformation journey enabled the company to achieve:

  • Deeply engaging customer experiences, crafting personalized and immersive encounters for customers
  • Streamlined automated ordering, sweeping away manual procedures and reducing operational costs
  • On-the-spot medical insights, ensuring immediate access to medical reports
  • Smart care recommendations, leveraging intelligent insights for enhanced care and activities
  • Boosted engagement with lab services, leading to an increase in contract renewals

The integration of cutting-edge technology and digital transformation has propelled the company to new heights, enhancing customer experiences, amplifying productivity and accelerating access to information. This holistic transformation has, in turn, fueled sustained sales growth, laying the groundwork for a robust and resilient future.

The Impact