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Revolutionizing supply chain visibility for a home appliance manufacturer

HCLTech and Blue Yonder delivered advanced analytics for a leading home appliance manufacturer
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5 min read

Our client is a leading home appliance manufacturer based in the European Union, renowned for offering a diverse range of home utility products and innovative solutions.

The Challenge

Overcoming hurdles for operational excellence

Previously, our client faced significant hurdles in maintaining clear visibility and assessing the impact of their inbound and outbound logistics. Relying on third-party updates often resulted in delays and incomplete information. Additionally, the absence of a collaborative mechanism with suppliers led to fluctuating ordering patterns due to dynamic demand, causing delays in response times.


The Objective

Enhancing visibility and collaborative efforts

In response to these challenges, our client aimed to enhance supply chain visibility across their operations. They sought to foster greater internal and external collaboration with suppliers to effectively address disruptions in real-time.

Revolutionizing supply chain visibility for a home appliance manufacturer

The Solution

Driving efficiency with Blue Yonder Luminate Control Tower (LCT)

To meet these objectives, HCLTech introduced the Blue Yonder LCT. Through meticulous requirement gathering and design discussions, our team tailored the solution to address specific business needs. The implementation included:

  • Real-time shipment tracking: Implemented for both inbound and outbound shipments, enabling immediate exception generation and proactive issue resolution.
  • Supplier collaboration: Integrated within LCT, allowing planners to share ordering plans with suppliers in real-time. Suppliers could promptly confirm or deny orders, providing insights into available capacity and facilitating agile decision-making.
  • Custom-built dashboards: Developed specialized inventory and shipment dashboards to offer in-depth insights and trend analysis, empowering informed decision-making.

The Impact

Transformative outcomes of LCT implementation

The implementation of LCT yielded substantial benefits and transformative outcomes:

  • Reduced shipment delays: Real-time tracking and analytics enabled our client to swiftly identify and mitigate the causes of delays, resulting in improved delivery timelines
  • Enhanced supplier collaboration: Improved collaboration with suppliers enhanced flexibility and reliability in raw material procurement, streamlining operations
  • Advanced analytics: Custom dashboards and analytics capabilities provided deeper insights and diagnostic capabilities, empowering proactive decision-making and performance optimization

In essence, our client's partnership with HCLTech and the adoption of Blue Yonder Luminate Control Tower revolutionized their supply chain operations, fostering agility, collaboration and efficiency across the board.