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Enterprise Studio’s security approach protects

Major American healthcare company protects education portal users with Broadcom’s SmWalker Packaged Solution


Our client needed to establish access control for its education portal based on user IP addresses and group membership.


Leveraging the company’s Symantec SiteMinder infrastructure, the Enterprise Studio team implemented a solution by customizing the SmWalker Packaged Solution, a fine-grained authorization tool. The team helped the customer deploy the solution in the development, QA and production environments.


The company’s education portal is now protected from access by unauthorized IP addresses and users without group membership.

The controlled single sign-on process is a welcome feature for both users of Symantec SiteMinder and the company.

After Enterprise Studio received high praise in a customer survey, especially for the quality of its work and the responsiveness of the team, the customer further engaged the Enterprise Studio team on a tailored Packaged Solution project.

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