Smart digital transformation resulted in $20M+ increased profits | HCLTech

Smart digital transformation resulted in $20M+ increased profits

HCLTech accelerated cloud migration with improved data-driven workflows for enhanced customer experience
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Our American client, who owns and operates a chain of convenience stores and gas stations along the east coast of the United States, has relied on HCLTech as a trusted partner for more than three years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they entrusted us with ensuring business continuity and executing their Agile Charter for Digital Program, particularly in the data environment. They leveraged HCLTech’s global delivery centers in offshore and nearshore locations to consistently provide skilled technical domain experts in retail and supply chain through a managed services model. Furthermore, HCLTech’s proactive initiative and support in mobile, cloud and automation enabled the client to swiftly adapt to multiple technology changes. We migrated data to , relying on the well-architected framework involving reliability, security, operational excellence, performance efficiency and cost optimization.

The Challenge

Addressing complex IT roadblocks

Customer's challenges included the following:

  • Enhancing and cost-effectively optimizing /transforming IT infrastructures for seamless IT operations
  • Establishing an end-to-end service layer within a multi-vendor sourcing approach
  • Implementing a new-cloud native framework for digital adoption
  • Modernizing applications to drive business transformation
  • Enhancing extensibility and scalability
  • Implementing process automation and administration
  • Integrating systems to streamline business processes
  • Deploying and utilizing real-time data integration
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness through automation
  • Lowering overall operational costs

The Objective

Streamlining operations with a data-centric strategy

Our client's objectives, a prominent player in the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector, involved unifying disparate systems and solutions across their multiple business entities and locations in the US. They leveraged HCLTech's digital expertise to address their business needs. Collaboratively with the client, we are tasked with blueprinting, strategizing migration, conducting compatibility analysis, defining the future state of the data systems (the 'to be' state) and cloud infrastructure, sizing hardware, planning and executing the setup of data and cloud environments setup according to best practices and implementing automation for provisioning and operations. HCLTech primarily focuses on the data aspect of the client's initiative, including end-to-end testing of business processes to ensure adherence to the certification standards of production releases.

Smart digital transformation resulted in $20M+ increased profits

The Solution

HCLTech drives data transformation through the Catering Lite application and data management solutions

HCLTech has played a central role as the primary vendor in designing a world-class digital platform(s) for Catalog (Menu), Commerce, Fulfillment and Kitchen Order Management Systems (OMS) and developing the Catering Lite application, which includes a customer portal, manager portal and call center module.


Additionally, we assisted our client with the following tasks:

  • Snowflake was leveraged to create a centrally organized enterprise data platform to
    • Provide a complete and accurate version of data as a single source of truth
    • Support the organization's data analytics and reporting needs through the business intelligence (BI) layer
  • Defining enterprise data standardization to achieve consistent definitions of business entities and minimize multiple interpretations of similar data
  • Stibo was used to establish a Master Data Management solution to ensure uniform and accurate data consumption across the organization

HCLTech's efforts have enabled the client to meet and enhance their business requirements by adopting cloud services, implementing extreme automation, modernizing applications, streamlining integration and promoting digital practices.

The Impact

Navigating success through a cloud-driven journey

HCLTech facilitated the client's growth in store numbers, markets and overall sales, resulting in approximately $20+ million in increased profits, an average order size of $155 and 10-14 large orders per week per store.


Additionally, the Cloud Transformation brought several benefits for enterprise users, including:

  • 20% faster data visualization and data insight across all business divisions
  • 10x improved peak volume data transformation and loading time
  • Unified and consistent data transmission, data definition
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved marketing effectiveness through personalized offers for clients
  • Achieve enhanced scalability, agility and improved system performance