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Leverage the potential of your data with Snowflake and HCLTech. Our innovative solutions provide security, scalability, and near limitless scalability across public clouds. Take advantage of our Snowflake Center of Excellence, with migration frameworks, models, and utilities to ensure successful implementations globally. Our experts are the perfect choice for organizations looking to drive digital transformation and take advantage of Snowflake-driven solutions. With our comprehensive partner ecosystem, we can help you mobilize data, unify siloed information sources, and run sophisticated analytic workloads. Experience the power of Snowflake and HCLTech today.

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The HCLTech And Snowflake Partnership

Our Solutions

Data Modernization and Migration

This HCLTech’s one-stop solution can help you streamline and simplify your data modernization and migration process, revamping your data and analytics landscape across value chains

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Insights and Analytics

Harness the power of data with HCLTech’s Insights and Analytics. Unearth valuable insights, acquire business intelligence to make informed decisions and unlock new opportunities

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HCLTech ADvantage Migrate

ADvantage Migrate is a perfect solution to modernize your data landscape with ease. Our automated reliable data testing and reconciliation tool ensures a stress-free transition with zero-touch required from you

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HCLTech Sketch

Sketch from HCLTech is a powerful tool that simplifies data pipelines, making them fast and easy. It accelerates data availability, accessibility and handling to help you get the most out of your data

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HCLTech Gatekeeper

It is an intelligent observability platform that helps unlock the true potential of data by ensuring accuracy, integrity and completeness. It offers a comprehensive solution for application and server maintenance to increase efficiency

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HCLTech iSee

It is the perfect solution for keeping your IT infrastructure running at its best. Our advanced technology and expert team quickly identify and resolve any system issues ensuring that your systems are always performing optimally

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HCLTech Positioned As A Leader In The Forrester Wave™: Application Modernization And Migration Services, Q3 2021

Forrester has acknowledged HCLTech as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Application Modernization and Migration Services, Q3 2021. HCLTech, known for its infrastructure services, is also a significant player in application modernization and migration services, Forrester added.

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Data and Analytics

Continuous improvement in business decision-making with right data and data driven insights

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Data Maturity Assessment

In three simple steps, test your data maturity across four distinct dimensions

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Visualize, explore and analyze data with ease

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