SRE enablement for a leading auto major | HCLTech

SRE enablement for a leading auto major

HCLTech provided SRE enablement solutions to a leading automotive company facing challenges in adapting to the digital transformation era.
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5 min read

The Challenge

The client, a major automotive company in the Nordic region, faced the following challenges:

  • Lack of skilled workforce for managing cloud native workloads
  • Limited knowledge of the service stack
  • Inadequate monitoring skills
  • Insufficient automation skills
  • Limited applications and infrastructure services

The Objective

The client aimed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Focus on improving existing service availability, effectiveness and reliability
  • Equip the existing resources with the necessary skills to handle modern cloud native workloads
  • Enhance operation efficiency along with reliable services

The Solution

Our Expertise in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) allowed us to evaluate the client’s needs and design a comprehensive learning journey:

  • Practical assessments and access to a modern learning portal
  • Resources were trained in cloud native fundamentals through hands-on exercises
  • Resources were also familiarized with improved performance monitoring
  • The services offered included modernization planning, cloud migration planning and hybrid cloud operations assessment

The Impact

The engagement with HCLTech Cloud Native Labs resulted in several positive business impacts for the client:

  • SRE cut training costs, boosted adaptability and no major structure shifts
  • Empowered setups: load balance, streamlined work, controlled velocity, effective operations
  • Automation and observability led to reliable, efficient services and heightened stability
  • Efficiency through automation: scale management, latency monitoring, enhanced stability
  • Scaled, flexible, cost-effective: lowered hardware costs, observability, quicker launches