Streamlining fraud resolution for a Dutch financial giant | HCLTech

Streamlining fraud resolution for a Dutch financial giant

HCLTech delivered workflow automation for a multinational banking and financial services corporation in Netherlands
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4 min read

HCLTech partnered with a leading Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation to achieve workflow automation through Camunda, the workflow and decision automation platform. One of the prominent use cases involved streamlining fraud case management by automating a series of manual steps required to close fraud-related cases.

The Challenge

Tackling fraud case management with Camunda

A specific challenge arose in the context of fraud case management, where manual intervention was crucial. When fraudulent transactions occurred on a customer's card, a complex process unfolded. A case had to be created and a series of manual steps were initiated before the case could be successfully closed. Those manual steps introduced potential bottlenecks, increased processing times and increased the likelihood of human errors that could be detrimental to the effectiveness of fraud management. Thus, the challenge lay in automating and optimizing those intricate, manual processes while ensuring accuracy and compliance throughout the fraud case resolution.


The Objective

Streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency

The primary objective was to enhance operational efficiency by automating manual processes through the implementation of workflows and process orchestration powered by Camunda. By streamlining those tasks, our client was able to significantly reduce human intervention, minimize errors and accelerate the completion of various business processes.



HCLTech’s comprehensive Camunda deployment

Our solution was all-encompassing, addressing the client's needs with precision. This involved the deployment of four applications on Camunda, a feat hosted on the Azure cloud platform. To ensure an agile and responsive approach, HCLTech implemented agile methodologies, constituting a dedicated squad of eight members to spearhead the project. Architecturally, the solution leveraged different flavors, including the embedded process engine and standalone process engine, providing versatility and adaptability to cater to the client's specific requirements.


The Impact

Transformative outcomes

Our collaboration with the client aimed to revolutionize their manual processes, resulting in a remarkable boost in operational efficiency. The outcomes were truly impressive, including:

  • The successful automation of every step of their workflows, from initial case creation to closure, eliminating the need for manual intervention
  • Multiple layers of checks and approvals were integrated into the workflows, effectively eliminating errors and greatly reducing processing times
  • Payment processing was enhanced with a meticulous four-eye check validation system, ensuring precision and reliability
  • The seamless integration with external systems and efficient case note management further streamlined their operations

This transformation led to substantial improvements in turnaround times, fostering error-free operations and significantly increased efficiency.