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Streamlining the supply planning process for improved operational efficiency

Overcoming complex enhancements and backlog dependencies to optimize operations for a Swiss manufacturing company
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5 min read

Our client is a Switzerland-based manufacturing company looking to improve their existing supply planning process through customization in the face of challenges related to complex enhancements, backlog management, testing and dependencies on other systems. HCLTech analyzed problem tickets, resource development and migration for testing and production approval. Our solution enhanced their supply planning process and improved operational efficiency.

The Challenge

Complex enhancements and backlog dependencies

Several challenges were identified in the project.

  • The backlog of complex enhancements was growing, leading to increased aging of tasks
  • Lack of required support for end-to-end testing, including validation and performance testing
  • No inhouse expertise in conceptual analysis of —and understanding the logic used in —Rapid Response
  • Dependency on other interface systems, such as SAP ECC/BI/Talend teams, was causing backlogs to accumulate

The Objective

Enhance supply planning and customization

Our client's objective was to enhance their existing supply planning process, which was heavily reliant on customization. They sought a vendor who could assist them in building customized features and configurations to improve their current solution.

The Solution

Support for supply planning module enhancement

HCLTech immediately engaged in supply planning module enhancement support. We began by discussing problem tickets with business users to gain a thorough understanding of the issues. This enabled us to develop the necessary resources in the development environment. These resources were then migrated to the QA environment, where the users tested the data and provided approval for production migration.

The Impact

HCLTech successfully enhanced the supply planning process and improved operational efficiency

The implementation of the solution yielded significant positive impacts. Within a span of six months, 67% of the backlog tickets were successfully cleared. We effectively coordinated with other platform interface systems like SAP ECC/BI/Talend to ensure smooth integration and handled complex enhancement tasks in collaboration with our client’s operations team. Furthermore, we conducted an in-depth analysis of RR-critical analytics, including recursive allocation, closed-loop campaign planning and planned order recommendations of lot size.