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Strengthening operations and customer satisfaction for an energy services provider

By implementing a technology transformation program, HCLTech helped our client increase first-call resolution rates to 92%
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5 min read

An energy services provider in North America, boasting more than 4 million customers across the United States and Canada, embarked on a transformative journey. The objective was to build upon their operational strength and significantly enhance their customer service experience delivery capabilities.

The Challenge

Inherent operational procedures resulting in inconsistent customer satisfaction scores

Our client aimed to overhaul their legacy operational procedures and revive their dwindling customer satisfaction scores. The high-level challenges they faced included:

  • A decrease in customer satisfaction due to inadequate operational visibility in legacy system architecture
  • High touchpoints and operational costs to resolve customer disputes
  • A decentralized, overly complex, slow and costly operational process
  • Limited transformation opportunities due to a lack of scalability and an entrenched silo mentality

The Objective

Reinforcing operations and customer satisfaction

To overcome these hurdles, they needed an effective solution aimed at enhancing operational visibility, streamlining complex procedures and nurturing a mindset primed for change. Specifically, they aspired to:

  • Upgrade and integrate their legacy systems to ensure operations visibility
  • Implement efficient mechanisms for customers to resolve disputes, necessitating fewer touchpoints at less cost
  • Centralize and simplify operational methods to reduce associated costs
  • Encourage a shift toward a culture promoting scalability and transformation, while breaking down siloed mentalities

The Solution

Utilizing cutting-edge technology for service delivery and comprehensive management

HCLTech orchestrated the end-to-end transformation, implementing a state-of-the-art integrated service delivery design. This solution leaned on multiple leading technologies, including various solutions from SAP. The transformative journey included:

  • Providing infrastructure in hosting, application management and business process management
  • Leveraging Genesys solutions for telephony, call routing, IVR, recording, monitoring and reporting
  • Proposing and developing a comprehensive all-in-one solution integrating various elements such as CTI application, screen pop-up, SAP CRM and multiple communication channels including e-mail, fax, chat, SMS and social media

The Impact

Achieving accuracy, efficiency and increased customer satisfaction

The transformation led to significant improvements:

  • Post-implementation, billing accuracy soared to 99.98%
  • Nearly all bills, 99.93%, were generated within 3 days
  • Dramatic reduction in exception count, from 30% down to a mere 3%
  • The first-call resolution rate increased significantly to 92%
  • A noticeable 17% rise in self-serve payment interactions

HCLTech's robust solution helped the energy service provider accelerate their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. This successful transformation underscores the power of strategic collaborations, leading technologies and holistic solutions in addressing business challenges and amplifying customer satisfaction. The provider now stands as a testament to the power of technology-driven transformation in the energy services industry.