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Supercharging global enterprise infrastructure security

Implementing comprehensive cybersecurity for a leading American consumer goods company.
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5 mins read

The Challenge

Addressing security vulnerabilities and comprehensive security issues for their Google Cloud infrastructure.

  • Client faced the challenge of addressing various security vulnerabilities in Google Cloud posture, necessitating the implementation of remediation activities to bolster defenses
  • Incorporating and aligning with the best practices for posed a challenge, requiring the client to adopt new technologies, workflows and policies to optimize their cloud infrastructure effectively
  • To achieve comprehensive security across multiple regions in the US and access controls to mitigate potential threats and breaches for their Google Cloud infrastructure
The challenges

The Objective

Achieve end-to-end security of the Google Cloud infrastructure

  • To implement a series of security remediation activities identified in Google's security posture review
  • To adopt and integrate the best practices for Google Cloud Platform
  • To achieve end-to-end security of their Google Cloud infrastructure across multiple regions in the US
Supercharging global enterprise infrastructure security

The Solution

Building the comprehensive architecture of the client's Google Cloud Private Catalog

  • HCLTech helped the client with resource hierarchy and identity management, implemented GCP Native Services and established a centralized logging platform with a
  • Implemented Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) with Terraform while also enhancing cloud security with SCC, Terraform Policy Validator and Forseti Security Monitoring
  • Built the overall architecture of the client’s Google Cloud Private Catalog and provided them with predefined Terraform modules to ensure secure and reliable migration of infrastructure resources
  • Integrated traffic control, DDoS and WAF protection and continuous infrastructure monitoring solutions

The Impact

Enhance security focus, network architecture and data protection for client's Google Cloud Infrastructure

  • Implementation of an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) based deployment methodology integrated with a CI/CD pipeline strengthened client’s focus with respect to security monitoring
  • Establishment of a HUB and SPOKE network with secure internet traffic filtered via a Palo Alto perimeter firewall helped client to enhance its cloud security
  • Introduction of Data Loss Prevention Scanning for sensitive data in GCS, Datastore and BigQuery enhanced the security posture and operational efficiency of the organization's infrastructure
  • Pre- and post-deployment security policy enforcement with Google-backed Terraform Validator and Forseti Security, respectively
The Impact