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Supercharging license utilization for insurance service provider

HCLTech leverages homegrown Mosaic solution to streamline the SAP licensing process for an insurance giant
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5 min read

, empowers SAP customers to monitor, assess and oversee their software licenses, compliance and optimization effectively. This cloud-native solution simplifies the licensing requirements for customers embarking on the RISE with SAP journey by providing continuous monitoring capabilities. It automatically converts their perpetual licenses into RISE unlimited usage equivalent licenses, streamlining their licensing needs.

Leveraging Mosaic, we offered our client license analysis and predictability capabilities for , helping them achieve a balance between software expenditure and ensuring system readiness for the future.

The Challenge

Revamping inefficient license utilization and processes


The client is a prominent player in the insurance services industry with millions of customers. They faced various business challenges stemming from their legacy ERP platform and excessive spending on software licenses, most notably:

  • Lack of information regarding the conversion of licenses from SAP on-premises to SAP cloud
  • An incomprehensive multiplatform license solution
  • Multiple replica instances
  • Suboptimal license utilization

The customer approached HCLTech to address these issues and find a purpose-worthy solution to optimize their licenses in RISE with SAP.

The Objective

Optimal consumption of licenses and streamlining services

The HCLTech team actively engaged with the client to thoroughly understand their existing system's license usage and consumption. We also collected pertinent information about the required license purchases and software installations. The client aimed to achieve:

  • Streamlined licensing processes
  • Financial viability
  • License reclassification and optimization
  • Performance efficiency

The Solution

Accurate forecasting and predictions leading to license optimization

As the client was an existing SAP user, the HCLTech team pressed Mosaic into action. Insights from the tool revealed some key findings in direct access, indirect access, infra sizing and the applicability of existing system add-ons. With that knowledge, we devised a well-rounded solution via Mosaic that could address the pain points and unlock opportunities while delivering definitive value. Solution highlights included:

  • Utilizing AI/ML models to forecast user and database growth for the next five years, enabling the client to determine the correct quantity of licenses to procure
  • Uncovering that the client’s consumed licenses exceeded the purchased licenses, mitigating potential compliance issues
  • Providing a comprehensive report encompassing all aspects of RISE with SAP, empowering the client to make data-driven decisions
  • Facilitating the seamless integration of components not supported by S/4HANA — including those purchased separately — offering a holistic perspective
  • The solution provided compliance recommendations in cases where the customer exceeded the purchased license types in terms of usage
  • Helping the client reduce shelf-ware, enhancing business metrics and predicting future license consumption and associated costs.

The Impact

Improved license management fostering tangible business benefits

By deploying Mosaic, HCLTech successfully addressed all the business-critical licensing issues that were plaguing the client. It also opened new avenues for the client to capitalize on. Key results included:

  • 15% reduction in license cost
  • 24% reduction in license shelf-ware
  • Cost savings in the form of improved compliance