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Supply planning module enhancement for a Hong Kong-based manufacturer

Improving inventory optimization and order generation efficiency to achieve reductions in inventory costs and order delinquencies of 30% and 28%, respectively
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5 min read

Our client wanted to improve inventory optimization and order generation through customization, addressing several challenges that included limitations in multi-floor production scheduling, UOM conversion issues, oversight of customer-liable inventory and inadequate PO generation. HCLTech’s solution involved enabling data hosting, resource configuration, validation support and comprehensive training. Implemented enhancements included the introduction of inventory pooling, improvements in UOM conversion, inclusion of customer-liable inventory and a modified PO generation algorithm, which collectively increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

The Challenge

Limitations in supply planning module and order generation process

The existing supply planning module had limitations in multi-floor production scheduling and issues with UOM conversions. Customer-liable inventory was overlooked, and PO generation didn't consider forecast consumption, leading to order shortages.

The Objective

Enhancing Kinaxis supply planning modules and customizing both inventory optimization and order generation

Our client sought to enhance their Kinaxis supply planning modules, specifically in inventory optimization and order generation. To accomplish this, they needed a technology partner with high proficiency in Kinaxis to build customized features and configurations.

The Solution

Module enhancement and resource configuration for smooth implementation

HCLTech's team provided comprehensive support to enhance the supply planning module. First, we enabled Kinaxis data host support from Oracle ASCP, ensuring seamless integration and data management. Specific resources were then configured to cater to inventory and order generation as well as production scheduling, allowing for more precise and efficient planning. The team also provided validation support, including functional validation, system integration testing, performance validation and user acceptance testing, to ensure reliability and performance. Moreover, we conducted training sessions to equip and support the planner team during the implementation and transition phases, ensuring a smooth go-live process.

The Impact

Improvements in inventory allocation, UOM conversion and order management efficiency

The enhancements introduced inventory pooling, resolved unit of measurement (UOM) conversion challenges, addressed customer-liable inventory and fine-tuned the PO generation algorithm. This resulted in improved order allocation, reduced inventory costs by 30% and lowered order delinquency by 28%.