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Telecommunications conglomerate modernizes delivery pipeline architecture

HCLTech partnership enhanced efficiency, reliability and scalability for the client
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2 min 7 sec read


Our client is a leading multinational telecommunications enterprise based in the US. They offer a diverse range of services to consumers, including mobile phones, internet and television. In addition, they provide advanced business solutions such as mobile banking, cloud services and videoconferencing. To optimize operations and achieve greater efficiencies, they sought a partner with a credible DevOps track record, ultimately selecting HCLTech due to our extraordinary capabilities and proven track record in successfully revamping our client's middleware integration layer in the past.

The Challenge

Low-performing delivery pipeline

Our client’s delivery pipeline was riddled with pain points, including siloed systems, inefficient manual processes, inadequate monitoring and a lack of scalability. These issues resulted in frequent errors, slow delivery times and reduced customer satisfaction.

The Objective

An efficient, reliable, scalable delivery system

The primary goal of the project was to modernize the delivery pipeline architecture in order to enhance efficiency, reliability and scalability. After careful evaluation, the HCLTech team identified the need to automate manual processes, enhance transparency across the pipeline and establish a flexible infrastructure capable of handling evolving demands. With a strong emphasis on improving customer satisfaction, the solution aimed to eliminate customer order backlogs and expedite delivery time.

The Solution

Streamlined delivery with automation, visibility and scalability

HCLTech executed a streamlined approach to enhance the delivery pipeline architecture through the implementation of automation, increased visibility, scalability and optimized processes. To achieve this, the team leveraged CI/CD tools like AgileCraft, Jira and qTest to automate manual procedures and improve overall efficiency. Real-time monitoring and reporting tools were deployed to ensure transparency across pipeline stages and facilitate swift identification and resolution of any issues that arose. Through workflow optimization, productivity and output were elevated, resulting in accelerated delivery speed and ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction scores.

The adoption of the following smart technologies streamlined the delivery pipeline:

  • Jira Align and Jira for software development lifecycle management and application lifecycle management tracking
  • qTest for test management
  • GitLab, a SaaS product in CDP as CI/CD/CT orchestration platform
  • Kubernetes
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Docker
  • Java
  • Spring and Spring Boot
  • Splunk
  • AppDynamics
  • RabbitMQ
  • AWS
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus

The impact

Operational efficiency, reliability and scalability

Through HCLTech's implementation of an optimized delivery pipeline architecture, our client's delivery lifecycle was significantly improved. The automation introduced into the process resulted in enhanced efficiency and increased productivity. By integrating previously fragmented systems, the delivery process became much smoother and more streamlined. The increased visibility and utilization of tools provided our client with a greater level of control and improved progress tracking capabilities.

From a KPI persepctive, the HCLTech solution led to a reduction of 90% in environment creation time, reducing it from two weeks to half a day.