Large U.S. beauty retailer transforms CX with a flexible omnichannel platform | HCLTech
Transform CX with a flexible omnichannel-platform

This large US beauty retailer wanted to shift its legacy IT architecture to a more flexible and scalable microservice-based platform. The client also wanted to enhance customer communications and drive more traffic to its stores, website and native applications. The company partnered with HCLTech to accelerate its progress. Spurred by innovative technology, HCLTech validated the retailer’s strategy and technical architecture. HCLTech also built a cutting-edge, omnichannel solution that integrated consumers’ physical and digital touchpoints, generating customer delight. To attract and retain more customers, HCLTech created a digital shopping experience that is high performing, visually appealing, immersive and omnichannel (for iOS/android mobiles, tablets, laptops).