Transforming connectivity: A story of success in integration dynamics | HCLTech

Transforming connectivity: A story of success in integration dynamics

Enhancing connectivity and operational efficiency with HCLTech's innovative solution
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5 min read

Our client, an American biopharmaceutical company, sought to bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud systems, aspiring to establish a unified source of truth and decommission a legacy platform. Collaborating with HCLTech, the client aimed to harness the power of a modern, cloud-based enterprise integration platform to optimize connectivity and elevate operational efficiency to reduce overall cost.

The Challenge

Modernizing integration for unified excellence

The client required a robust, cloud-based enterprise integration platform to face the challenge of integrating diverse on-premises and cloud systems.

Their existing middleware (Oracle SOA platform) was plagued with platform stability and security issues and was slated to be decommissioned by 2021.

The goal was to establish a single source of truth, unlocking the potential for streamlined operations and improved decision-making.

The Challenge

The Objective

Improving efficiency through seamless integration

The primary objective was to create a single modern hybrid platform that would help with integrations between legacy, modern, on-prem and cloud applications without any issues. This includes developing and supporting 40+ trading partners and 125 interfaces/APIs. HCLTech aimed to ensure optimal utilization of Boomi Connectors, reducing costs and accelerating time-to-market. Additionally, consolidating integrations and business process optimization across enterprise apps and SaaS was pivotal for achieving a cohesive and efficient IT ecosystem. Centralizing standards and usage through establishing an Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) further fortified the objective.

The Objective

The Solution

Strategic integration for unparalleled efficiency

HCLTech formulated a comprehensive solution in the following ways:

We re-engineered every single interface from scratch in terms of architecture, design, development, testing, validation and production deployment.

This complex and critical project involved 40+ trading partners with 120+ integrations, including GxP, and business users in EMEA, APAC, US and Canada.

The biggest highlight of this implementation was that HCLTech owned it end to end, including migration of SOA to Boomi, changes in Oracle EBS, SQA and validation, and all of the teams collaborated and worked as one team, a collaboration highly appreciated by the client.

Established an ICoE to centralize standards and usage of , API Management and B2B/EDI Management

With this implementation, our client has consolidated all of their middleware interfaces into one platform and is now on a modern, hybrid platform that will help with integrations between legacy, modern, on-prem and cloud applications without any issues related to uptime, scalability and performance.

This implementation helped simplify our client's middleware platforms, reduced technical debt and, most importantly, retired the legacy platforms. We retired 80+ Oracle SOA servers and helped ensure continuous improvement, rationalization of applications/platforms and foundation modernization.

The Solution

The Impact

Revolutionizing operations, reducing costs

  • Unified platform
    • Unified environment now supports all core connectivity, EDI and API management tasks
    • Faster development times at lower costs (up to 30% less)
  • Breadth of connectivity
    • With connectors to 200+ applications and 1,000+ endpoints, our client can connect to virtually any application to support specific integration needs, whether on-premise or in the cloud
  • True cloud-native architecture 
    • Boomi is built for the cloud from inception, with automatic software upgrades and automated regression testing
  • Reduce support costs
    • Boomi reduced new SVPs by 90%
    • 80+ Oracle SOA servers have been decommissioned
The Impact